Gulab Jamoon Mix

An Indian sweet preparation traditionally made out of evaporated milk blended with wheat flour, fried & soaked in sugar syrup.
I have tried preparing Gulab jamoons initially with instant mixes.Have tried out even to make fully home made dough for gulab jamoon too. But it so happens that I tend to get instant mixes and prepare the Gulab Jamoons.
I must say right from my first hand on trying Gulab jamoons I was successful. Following the instructions and tips in the instant mix pack never let me down and I came up everytime with delicious soft gulab jamoons.
I had started doing with Ashirwad Gulab jamoon mix which was my 1st try in Bangalore. That gave fantastic result.
The outcome is as below

Then after coming here to Germany to my surprise I could never get this particular instant mix.
But I had to try with some other brand as the crave for Gulab Jamoons were on a positive side.
I tried Gits brand
No wonder I got the best and similar result.
Awesome experience preparing the delicious dessert.
Please do buy any of these instant mixes and enjoy the mouth watering delicacy.
I guess I needn't write recipe details as the recipe is clearly mentioned in the pack itself.
Follow the tips and instructions well. I bet you will never fail.
I had done Gulab jamoons several times and each time I got similar outcome from Gits too.

MTR Medu Vada

Mr. S is an ardent fan of Medu vada, he had purchased during our recent India visit a pack of MTR Medu vada mix and I just casually tried it here. I tried them the first time as directed and the results were just wonderful. I feel that, MTR mix for Medu vada is a perfect mix to prepare medu vada instantly.

Just followed the instructions and vadas were ready in no time. They looked as below

Do try and enjoy them hot with hot and spicy sambar.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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