Tips n Tricks

Here I tell you few tips and tricks that I use in my kitchen 

  1. Whenever you prepare any pulav in pressure cooker directly,it is better to add 1 tsp-2 tsp of oil in the end before closing the lid of the pressure cooker.This helps alot in maintaining the grainy texture in pulav.Or else it tends to become sticky. 
  2. Before preparing any pulav always soak rice in water for atleast 10-15 mins.It also gives good texture to pulav and pulav cooks well. 
  3. Preferably try using non-stick cookwares.Indian cooking always requires lot of masalas and using non-stick cookwares minimize the chances of burning though stirring is required often. 
  4. If by mistake salt becomes excess, try adding potatoes to that dish, potatoes take away the salt.It works! 
  5. Puffed chapathis are what all desire for!While kneading knead the chapathi flour well taking enough amont of normal water and little salt to taste.While heating on flat pan first heat one side for a very short time till small slight brown dots appear then the other side for more time and press with a thick soft cloth rather than using spatula and again flip to other side and just give mild presses on the chapathis on all sides and keep moving them on the flat pan.Puffed chappathis are ready. 
  6. To make coriander leaves/cilantro and curry leaves stay longer time in fridge,cut the stems and put the fresh coriander leaves and curry leaves in an air tight box and keep refrigerated to have a longer fresh life of coriander as well as curry leaves. Try out, it worked for me.May work for you too! 
  7. To prevent insects inside rice and pulses and to retain it for longer time put a few neem leaves. Rice and pulses stay fresh for longer time. 
  8. To get softer idlis, soak a handful of thick rice flakes or cooked rice along with idli rice and udad dal/split deskinned black gram. 
  9. Wishing to have softer palms after daily chores, then mix 2 tsp of sugar with almond oil or olive oil and wash it after 15-20 mins.Do this every night before sleeping.It helps you to maintain soft skin to a great extent. 
  10. Want onions to cook faster? Then add a little salt while frying. 
  11. If you forget to soak the pulses overnight that requires overnight soaking,no problem just soak them into hot water and put it in a hot box it will get soaked in an hour. 
  12. When we cut okra/Lady's finger, we feel sticky. For that wash okra and pat them dry and then cut. 
  13. For unsticky okras/Lady's finger while cooking add few drops of lemon juice or tamarind pulp or even 2-3 tsp of sour curd. 
  14. To avoid tears when you cut onions, just keep them in freezer for half an hour after removing the peel and cut onions. Say No to tears. 
  15. To avoid water absorption by potatoes while cooking potatoes in pressure cooker,put the potatoes in a vessel inside the cooker and fill cooker with water and cook potatoes. 
  16. Remove the stalk of the green chilli and store in refrigerator.The green chillies will stay long. 
  17. When you have to cook basmati rice always take extreme caution with regard to measurements. Rinse the rice well till water is clear. Do soak rice in water 15-20 minutes prior to cooking. Then pressure cook with 1½ portions of water for 1 portion of rice. If you wish to cook by boiling method do add 2 portions of water to 1 portion of rice and cook till all water is evaporated.While cooking basmati rice do add either a tsp of butter or oil so that rice will not become sticky to a great extent. 
  18. When cooking noodles, if you want to use noodles in stir fry, soon after draining the water from cooked noodles just wash them with cold water to avoid sticking. and then drain and set aside. This prevent further cooking with the heat within as well as washes off the starch that make them sticky. No need of adding any oil while cooking the noodles with boiling water