Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Mango Ice Cream

Whatever the season is, love for ice cream is something which never dies. Spring has shown its colors in our city and the onset of spring means, here there would be days which are really warm like summer alternating between some moderate temperature days and some cold days. But 2-3 weeks back we had such an awesome temperature. After season of chilling cold winters, it was a pleasure to luxuriate in the warm Sun outside and bask in a cone of one's favorite flavored ice cream.
I was like they definitely have good amount of loaded sugars and artificial colors or flavors in them, why not try one of our favorite flavors at home and guess what, it is mango ice cream. Yes, you read it right, I added no sugar, no colors! Bingo yet it turned out yum.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Holige/ Havyaka style sakkare holige/Kadalebele holige

Any big function at native (ooru) is not without this holige complete. My kiddo calls it sweet chapathi, though now she knows the name 'holige'. It is famous throughout India. In different states it is made in their authentic way, named puranpoli in the north, obbattu or holige in Karnataka. I love this Dakshinakannada way of sakkarekadalebeleholige. I could just make 8. In native they get prepared in '3 digit number' say 200 or 300 for moderate functions. Today my husband ate them and told well from next time we can skip calling our adigebhatru(cook)😉 for functions, as this has turned out to be very close to what they prepare a day ahead of function at native. 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Palak Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese with Spinach

I still remember I have posted this recipe long back, back then also I used to like my palak paneer without tomatoes, even today it is the same, only thing that changed is the masalas/spices that I used then and now, and another thing is Paneer I used to fry, but now I like them without frying. Well I guess it is not only me, there are many who like their Palak Paneer green, I feel adding tomatoes change the color, also cooking the spinach leaves for long and covered cooking turn them to a different green color which I don't prefer. So here goes my new version now unlike the old way of palak paneer which is a family favorite since more than a year now😉

Friday, 14 December 2018

Methi matar malai

A bunch of methi (fresh fenugreek leaves) at Indian stores here, I was like I must try something special out of this. Many things started running in my mind but a curry using these leaves had an edge as I scanned through the list of items that had queued up. My kid loves chapathi/roti (Indian flat bread) and it is for sure not a daily preparation at our place as I tend to keep rice often for curries as it is kind of easy stuff to be prepared. Well, but in a week I manage once or twice to prepare rotis.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Chilli Paneer/Paneer Chilli

Long time it has been having entered my blog space. When one is conscious of the food intake, automatically one tends to get healthy, as all say it is 70% your diet that matters. Now I try at times things that include more of protein and fats. My craving this winter is for an Indochinese snack, well to be honest, it could even be my brunch or lunch (actually anytime I can snack on this). I tried out a version of paneer chilli which did not involve flour in any form following a recipe from internet. Isn't that interesting?