Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Halasinahannina Genasale and Halasinahannina Kottige

It was a satisfying meal for dinner on Saturday last weekend. Made authentic havyaka brahmin delicacy which involved halasinahannina genasale and halasinahannina kottige with a dollop of homemade ghee and red coconut onion chutney. This definitely satisfied our cravings and it was soulfilling.
Steam cooked, banana leaf wrapped, rice cake filled with ripe jackfruit, fresh coconut and jaggery mixture being called halasinahanninagenasale in kannada language by Kannadigas, chakkaeleada in malayalam by Keralites.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Raw jackfruit dosa/Halasinakayi dose/raw jackfruit crepes

Using almost all parts of jackfruit is a tradition in Dakshinakannada(southern most part of Karnataka, India) place I belong to. Especially our havyaka kannadiga community never ceases to amaze me with the varieties that are made out of  tender or fully grown raw jackfruit as well as ripe jackfruit. It is an emotion to the people born and brought up there. Kids enjoy this with honey or rave(cooked liquid form of jaggery)

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Ragi chocolate cake

My daughter had been requesting since yesterday that today I am not supposed to do anything in the morning as she is supposed to do for a reason. I kept pestering her asking the reason even though I had an idea as what were her plans to amaze me for mother's day. She made an amazing breakfast in the morning and gave me a handmade card and a bouquet of flowers. It was great to eat a morning cheese toast made by her. Best part was she made her toast first, had that😉 and then with her toast energy she prepared for both of us. Small cute things bring loads of happiness. So I thought to amaze her with her favourite chocolate cake.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Rajma oats patties

Lockdown is the new normal. Everything works as before with certain restrictions in place. Never mind, we started living and loving the new way of living life. Earth looks much greener.  Animals and birds are enjoying their share of this Earth happily. Well for us, eating only at home turns out to be a challenge and I believe every person who cooks can relate to me. Every other day I think of something new to appease the tastebuds of my family. Well other day I was going on probing the kitchen cupboards searching all possible items available to sort them out.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Oats Banana Pancakes

Corona made our weekends longer. Remember the days when we used to wish how good it would be to have weekends longer, meaning instead of having 2 days off for the weekend, a day extra over the week would always make us happy, I guess similar prayers from people around the world had brought these days (on a lighter note 😉), now no one has a clue as whether it is a weekend or a weekday. All look similar at least in terms of seeing each other's faces 24/7.
The lock down since two weeks now didn't change much as we are used to buying groceries for the entire week. But yes, a sense of worry always exist when we go out to buy our groceries on weekends. Well, the fruits we bring either turn out to be less or more for the week. With bananas often I end up having extremely ripe ones by the end of the week and now had to use them in something that is healthy at the same time delicious. Thought to make some pancakes out of these ripe bananas. Neither do I use eggs nor all purpose flour which usually tends to make pancakes fluffy. So I tried out some formulas to make them fluffy even when using oats. Sounds interesting?