Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Halasinahannina Genasale and Halasinahannina Kottige

It was a satisfying meal for dinner on Saturday last weekend. Made authentic havyaka brahmin delicacy which involved halasinahannina genasale and halasinahannina kottige with a dollop of homemade ghee and red coconut onion chutney. This definitely satisfied our cravings and it was soulfilling.
Steam cooked, banana leaf wrapped, rice cake filled with ripe jackfruit, fresh coconut and jaggery mixture being called halasinahanninagenasale in kannada language by Kannadigas, chakkaeleada in malayalam by Keralites.

Ripe jackfruit along with cooked coconut and jaggery mixture is filled into thick rice batter spread on a banana leaf which is then steam cooked to turn into a delicacy. This dish is named halasinahannina(meaning ripe jackfruit) genasale which is then enjoyed as such with a dollop of ghee and also at times with a chutney.
Another steamed ripe jackfruit dish is halasinahannina kottige. Here ripe jackfruit chopped fine is added to thick rice batter and is spread on a banana leaf and steam cooked.
It is a tradition to cook these dishes by night previous day and the next day they are steamed for just few mins to make them warm and enjoyed as morning breakfast in the region around Mangalore or Kasaragod by the Havyaka Kannadigas and I am so excited to have prepared them here in Germany. It might be a cakewalk or an easy-peasy task for people belonging to these regions as that is quite common during the jackfruit season. But well, for us staying outside India, it is once in blue moon we devour such items and hence I put in all my heart and mind in preparing these.
Sharing here both the recipes as they could be prepared from same batter, that way you get to enjoy 2 dishes.

Halasinahannina genasale and halasinahannina kottige :

Ingredients: (makes 3-4 genasale and 6 kottiges)
Big bulbs of ripe jackfruit - 20
Rice-500gms (3 cups)
Water-1½ cup (250 - 280ml approx)
Jaggery - 150gms(depends on sweetness required)
Fresh grated coconut - 100gms
Salt to taste


  • Soak rice for around 6-7hrs.
  • Grind it with water to a thick batter. Add around a little less than a tsp. of salt which should be sufficient. 
  • Soften the banana leaves by catching them over the gas flame or by immersing in really hot water without tearing them and keep them ready after wiping clean. 
  • In a pan, add 120gms jaggery and ¼ cup water and let it boil, once it begins to boil add coconut and followed by that add in 4 finely chopped ripe jackfruit bulbs. 
  • Cook till the water content almost disappears. 
  • Now add water to the steamer as mentioned in the steamer instructions and let the water in it boil and get the steamer ready.  
  • In the meantime take a cleaned banana leaf, spread the thick rice batter using hands or a spoon, neither too thin nor too thick. 
  • Now pop in around 3-4 tsp. of the coconut jaggery jackfruit mixture. 
  • Fold in the banana leaf and place them in the steamer one by one once you see the steam coming. In this way prepare 4 genasales. 
  • Remaining rice batter we turn to kottige batter. 
  • For this second dish pulse the remaining jackfruit bulbs in a mixer, ensuring it doesn't turn into pulp without adding any water, thereby you get fine chopped jackfruit. 
  • Pop them to the rice batter and add around 30 gms(2 tbsp depending on sweetness desired) jaggery powder and the fine chopped jackfruit obtained by pulsing. 
  • Mix well and spread them on the banana leaves one by one a bit thick(not too thick) and fold them and pop into the steamer. 
  • Steam them together for around 50-55mins on medium heat. 
Watch my youtube video to see the entire process below

  • Do not reduce the quantity of jackfruit. 
  • Sweetness of jackfruit if more reduce the jaggery amount a bit, but I got a medium sweet jackfruit hence used this much amount of jaggery. 

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)


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