Monday, 10 February 2014

Yet another Liebster Award!

January 2014 gave me 4 liebster awards. I'm on cloud Nine. Well this time it was from Ritu J Rose of Treat n Feast and another from Nalini Somayaji of Adige. Without much ado, I accept these awards. Thanks alot for nominating me.I needn't again explain what Liebster means, any blogger would be knowing that, if not my previous Liebster award post is here.

Here are the rules to receive this award:
  1. Present the award to at least 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  2. Include the award in your post
  3. Thank the blogger that awarded you on your blog and link them in your post
  4. Answer the questions asked by the blogger that nominated you
  5.  Create 10 question that you want to ask your nominees that will allow their readers to get to know them better :) 
  6. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.         

Here I share the answers for the questions put forward by Ritu J Rose.

Here are my answers to those Ten questions:

1. What is the most important thing you enjoy in blogging?
I enjoy writing my posts and visiting my fellow bloggers, each one is different and best in their own way!
2. How do you describe your blog name?
Eat n Eat little More was rather a random choice I would say that came into my mind when I had plans to build one. I believe in the fact that eating little but more often is best than eating loads only twice or thrice a day. Also I believe at times we must indulge in what we like. Hence the name. No idea as how the name given would be perceived.
3. If you are been given a choice to select a person who will cook for you for a day, whom will you choose       and why?
I would say, my Mr. S. He is the food critic here, that day atleast I would pull his legs. (P.S : he cooks for me at times and I love that)
4. You are allowed to live only on one food for a month, which one will you opt for?
I love pav bhaji, may be that would be sufficient.
5. What is that dish which you always want to try cooking but is scared to attempt?
Not having any such dishes in my mind right now.
6. What are the means of collecting recipes? What attracts you to choose a dish for experimenting?
I usually love to try my hands on desserts( I'm a sweet lover ). You may see that in my space.
7. Which recipe would you recommend your readers as a "must try" recipe from your blog?
Mangalore Buns/Kele ki poori tastes fabulous & divine.
8. What is your dream about your blog?
No big dreams, just a store house for my recipes, recipes pertaining to family tradition from mom and MIL and also recipes from friends and relatives.
9. Who motivated you to blog?
I used to just share pics initially in Facebook, soon some started asking me to write the recipes too, and very soon few came  with an opinion that why not I reveal them to public by means of a blog that may be of some help. I just didn't give a second thought and went ahead.
10.You have to chose a second name for your blog. How will you rename it and why?
No, no! No other name have I thought nor would like to change.

Coming to questions put forward by Nalini Somayaji
Here are the answers:
My queries to Nominees are
1.Why did you start blogging?
Just to have them in a place so that I could refer when in need and also to share the recipes I learn with my friends and co bloggers.
2. What kind of food do you like most?
Anything Vegetarian.
3. Which cuisine do you like the most?
4 Who is your best support?
Mr. S
5. What time of the day do you prefer to cook?
I love cooking during noon time and evenings more. Early morning cooking is always terrible.

Now here are my 5 nominees I chose:
Full Scoops:
Nandoos Kitchen:
Remya's Baking and Cooking:

 Nominees, here go the questions to be answered:
  1. Who or what is the strong reason and motivation behind the food blog you started?
  2. Which is that very common dish that you prepare at home and is blogged at your space?
  3. What you love most, cooking or baking?
  4. What is the dish that you are planning to prepare tonight?
  5. When you arrange parties, do you cook for the crowd or do you arrange a caterer for the same?
  6. What is the best compliment you ever received for any particular dish of yours?
  7. Which is the recipe that you consider is the best in my space here?
  8. What according to you is blogging, end of the day is it a hobby, a storehouse of recipes or a source of income, explain what you feel on these contexts?
  9. Do you love cooking complicated recipes with perfection or recipes that could be followed easily with perfection?
  10. When you go through different blogs, do you enjoy reading entire stuff or just the recipe?

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