Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bele Obbattu/Puranpoli/Kadalebele Bellada Holige

Even after knowing that it was Yugadi yesterday, I deliberately decided to forget that it was a special day and had no plans of preparing anything special for the day, but it was Mr. S at around 4pm in the evening calling me up and reminding me to prepare a sweet as it was Yugadi, but I very well know it was not because Yugadi was around, but he wanted to eat some sweet and had not seen me taking any extra effort preparing something delicious for few days now. Having prepared holige with my own measures I was not sure how it would turn out, but to my surprise, my first attempt to bele holige turned out fabulous and Mr. S was in praises for me. I had earlier attempted kayi holige but it was not in huge amount, but this time I tried and attempted to prepare in good numbers.
Makes 16 polis of above size
For filling (Hoorana)
Kadalebele/Chana dal/Split chickpeas- 1 ½ cups
Jaggery-6-7 pieces(each of 2" inches) or approximately 250gms
Cardamom-5 pods crushed
For dough(Kanaka)
Chiroti rawa/Fine semolina-2 tbsp.
Maida/All purpose flour-1 cup
Wheat flour/Atta-¼ cup
Salt-a pinch(little less than ¼ tsp.)
Oil-¼ cup
Water-3 ½ cups

  1. In a bowl add chiroti rawa, maida and atta and a pinch of salt.
  2. Adding water knead well to form a smooth dough. To that add oil and soak the dough.
  3. Cook the chana dal with 3 cups water in a pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles.
  4. Wait till the pressure releases and check the chana dal by pressing in between fingers, if they mash up well then it is well cooked.
  5. Drain the remaining water and use that water in any other saaru/rasam.
  6. To that add jaggery and cook on a medium flame till it melts.
  7. Keep cooking with continuous stirring.
  8. Add crushed cardamom pods and continue cooking.
  9. Cook till the mixture comes together as you stir and your mixture is ready.
  10. Prepare balls out of the dough(kanaka).
  11. Prepare balls out of the filling(hoorana). Balls of hoorana are supposed to be a little bigger in size than the kanaka.
  12. Spread the kanaka using hands evenly just enough to place one hoorana ball.
  13. Cover the hoorana well inside just like you do for any parathas.
  14. Roll using a roller or using hands spread it till you form a disc of diameter around 4-5 inches.Place on a hot tawa/skillet and cook on one side till slight brown and flip.
  15. Cook the other side well and place it in a towel covered. Cook all the remaining the same way.

  1. Cook the hoorana to right consistency, it should neither be too liquid nor too thick. If you feel the hoorana/filling is a little liquid in texture, cook again for some time.
  2. If the mixture doesn't mash away after cooking with jaggery you may mash it using a mixer.
  3. Take care that the hoorana or filling is well covered in kanaka.
  4. Do not tear the poli while transfering to the hot skillet. If you fear of tearing I would suggest to roll on an aluminium foil or butter paper and transfer it on to the skillet to cook.
This was our Ugadi Platter for our dinner yesterday

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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