Monday, 19 May 2014

Hurikadale Laddu /Fried Gram Laddu / Maa ladoo / Puttukadalai Ladoo / Buna Chana Ladoo

A long long time it has been since I last updated . These days I don't even bother to click a pic of anything that I cook in my pantry. Well, from past many days I did try few things and till date never got enough time to just transfer them to PC and sit with them for some time. Now you might be thinking finally I got time, no I took my precious time which is meant to sleep at night (P.S. I am writing this post at midnight 1 am today). I am stumbling every now and then as though I have lost a touch with blogging. I somehow wanted to update a post today. Three days back we Indians got a new hope, a new beginning under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. We celebrated his mandate. This ladoo is to mark the second Indian Independence for Indians from the clutches of the 10 years of darkness. A simple easy recipe with no chances of going wrong. Here I share my quick recipe with all.

Makes: 22 ladoos

Hurikadale/Puttukadalai/Fried Gram/Roasted Gram-2 cups
Powdered Sugar-1 ¼ cup
Whole cardamom coarsely ground- 5 pods
Ghee-½ cup

  1. In a nonstick pan dry roast fried gram/roasted gram for 4-5 mins without burning it.
  2. Allow it to cool a little and them grind them to powder.
  3. Take in a bowl powdered sugar.
  4. To the same bowl mentioned in step 3. add the powdered roasted gram. To that add coarsely ground cardamom pods and mix well.
  5. Heat half cup ghee, see that you do not boil ghee, just warm the ghee till you get nice aroma and pour it over the powdered roasted gram, powdered sugar and cardamom mixture.
  6. Mix well with your hands.
  7. Now try forming ladoos.
  8. Arrange them on a plate and let it rest for a while. Ladoos are ready to be gobbled.

  1. Do not add more ghee than mentioned as they may turn flat instead.
  2. If at all the mixture is too dry you may add a tsp of ghee or two but do not vary the amount by a large quantity.
  3. You may add more or little less sugar based on your liking towards sweetness. For me the measurement was perfect.
  4. If you do not have powdered sugar, just powder and use the regular sugar you use.
  5. Do store them after 3-4 hours in an air tight container.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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