Thursday, 10 October 2013

Butternut Squash Soup

Never in India I knew there existed a veggie called butternut squash. Here, whenever I visit supermarket I used to see this veggie which almost looked as though it belongs to pumpkin family. I got this home and tried varieties which I used to prepare with pumpkin. All were simply splendid. I recently tried a soup out of it. Marvellous must say. It tasted heavenly and was easy to prepare too. Unlike other soups I din't even need corn flour to thicken as by itself it thickens, the very nature of pumpkin genus called Cucurbita. Here goes the simple recipe.

Butternut squash-1/2 peeled and diced
Coriander leaves/cilantro-2 sprigs chopped
Black pepper corns-15
Garlic-2-3 pods
Bay leaves-1
Oil-1 tsp
Whipping Cream to garnish
Water-3 cups
Black pepper powder-1/2 tsp.
Salt to taste

  1. Add chopped pieces of the squash into a pan and add enough water say 1 1/2 cup and cook the pieces well.
  2. Once cooked, allow them cool and then grind them well to a smooth puree.
  3. In another pan add oil and when hot add black pepper corns, bay leaves and chopped garlic and saute.
  4. Once they are sauteed well, add the pureed squash to it. Add cilantro and cook for a while.
  5. Once cooked, cool, remove the bay leaves off and grind again followed by filtering.
  6. Once filtered, add remaining water, again boil it adding salt to taste, black pepper powder adjusting the spicyness.
  7. Garnish with whipping cream and enjoy it piping hot with bread pieces or as it is.
 Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)
Sending this to Guru's Cooking

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