Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hot Chocolate Fudge

Today as per the challenge in Sweet Fantasy Club we have to reveal Hot Chocolate Fudge. I am not a chocolate lover neither is Mr. S. I'm glad because I never have to try anything with chocolate. My regular readers would have guessed that by now as till date there were no posts with chocolates as an ingredient. But as it was a part of the challenge given I had to attempt. As I'm a great fan of icecream, just pampered myself on a lazy afternoon four days back and attempted this delicious hot chocolate fudge. Very simple dessert which will be ready in no time. I am not a chocolate lover hence the less amount of hot chocolate is seen, but couldn't resist adding whipping cream. I used readily available vanilla icecream for this dessert. I'm yet to try a home made version of vanilla icecream. With all the ingredients readily available I could prepare this in no time. Here goes the recipe.

 Recipe adapted from: Hot fudge sundae by Martha Stewart
Vanilla Icecream- 2 scoops
Whipping cream-2 tbsp.
Dark Chocolate shavings-2 tbsp.
Hot milk-1 tbsp.
Blanched slivered almonds-1 tbsp. ( Use any dry fruits you desire )
  1. In a pan add chocolate shavings.
  2. Add hot milk to it.
  3. Let the chocolate melt.
  4. In another bowl whip the whipping cream till you get soft peaks.
  5. Add icecream to the serving bowl.
  6. Pour alternatively hot chocolate and whipping cream followed by that add blanched slivered almonds and enjoy the bliss.
  1. My chocolate sauce was thin. To make chocolate sauce thick you may add a tbsp. of corn syrup or use a tbsp. of corn flour when boiling the milk to add it to the  chocolate shavings.
Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)  
Sending this to Cook With White by Merry Tummy.

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