Friday, 28 June 2013

Mango Milkshake

Mango season almost ended, still we manage to get the mangoes here from Asian stores which are imported from Asian countries. I got last week a carton of mangoes in which it was mentioned 'Honey Sweet Mangoes'(they were really very very sweet mangoes) that were exported from India.
Mango being the king of all fruits it is liked by almost all. My kid Shreeya is so choosy and always expects me to prepare mango milkshake atleast one time a day because she got used to mango milkshake once a day during mango season.
But literally I'm worried with the thought that in the days to come, they won't be available for another one year. We get mangoes from Brazil here during offseason too but they could never reach the taste of Indian mangoes. So once I tried to delude my daughter by preparing milk mixed with Pediasure instead of mango milkshake but Alas, she couldn't be betrayed. She was asking me again and again to prepare mango milkshake for her. I'm now in a situation of worried mom thinking as how to make her forget about the mango milkshake soon. Well I'll soon get some good ideas. Let me now share with you all very simple delightful yummy milkshake made of mango recipe is as below.

Mango-1 chopped
Sugar3-4 tbsp. or as required
Cold Milk-1 cup
Water-1/2 cup

  1. In a blender add mangoes, sugar and water and blend well till the pulp gets ready.
  2. Now add cold milk to it and whip again so that the milk incorporates the pulp well.
  3. Transfer the milkshake prepared into serving glass and enjoy this super yum milkshake.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)


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