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Besan Laddoo

Festival is around the corner, Janmashtami is coming up and in almost many Indian households, sweets and savories are getting ready. If you ask me for my favorite sweet, I may end up telling many and they are countless. But my kid is very choosy, not all sweets does she like. Yesterday I thought to prepare this very famous besan laddoo. I love them. Was shocked to see my kid gobbling around 3 laddoos yesterday. But I must say they were extremely mouth melting and delicious. So why not try these and make your family experience this sinful dessert? I followed perfect measurements.Very simple to make with minimum ingredients readily available in Indian households.You will never go wrong and will yield perfect results. Here I share my simple recipe with you all.

I used normal gram flour/besan, usually laddoo besan is used which is little coarse in texture. But I don't have any access to the laddoo besan here so thought to prepare from our normal gram flour which we get here. It calls for ghee. Hence it is a calorie rich dessert but worth treating ourselves once in a while.  I used pure ghee/clarified butter in the preparation here. Added ghee to a pan and heated it on a low to medium flame till it melts and is hot.

Then added the gram flour.
 I kept on mixing so that they don't get burnt.

At one point the besan or gram flour became light and will lose its solid texture as below
Kept mixing further on a low flame till they became very light and the aroma of ghee roasted besan is all over the house.
Then removed it off the flame. Allowed it cool down little. Do not let it cool down fully, it should be warm just enough to bring the powder sugar well into it. Then add crushed cardamom and powdered sugar and mixed well using hands.
Now started to make balls out of it. Took a small portion of the dough and started to shape them as laddoo. Just make use of your palm to shape them well.
Then I added on top a cashewnuts and raisins to make them look cute.You may skip if not desired. Then arranged them on plate, allowed it to cool down fully.





Besan/Gram flour-1 heaped cup
Powdered sugar-1 heaped cup
Ghee -½ cup                     
Crushed cardamom-2 pods
Cashew nuts and raisins each-7-8
  1. In a pan take ghee. Let it melt on a low to medium flame.
  2. When hot add gram flour to it with continuous stirring.
  3. Keep mixing to avoid lump formation.
  4. At one point they tend to become light and lose their solid texture.
  5. Keep stirringon a low flame till you get a sweet aroma of ghee roasted gram flour throughout the house. It may take 15-18 minutes. Time may be more accordingly if you increase the proportion of the ingredients to prepare a larger batch.
  6. Once done let it cool to a temperature that is just warm. Cooling may take another 10 minutes.
  7. Then add crushed cardamom and powdered sugar to it and using hands mix well so that sugar incorporates well.
  8. Make laddoos  and garnish it with either a cashew nut piece or with raisins. Since no milk is used this sweet may stay as long as 15-20 days fresh in an airtight container.
Note: Always roast on a low to medium flame otherwise gramflour will be burnt and the laddos won't be having original taste.
Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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