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No bake Eggless Gelatin free Mango Cheese Cake

Mango is almost everyone's favorite. I know, I'm very late. Mangoes are almost getting over and they will soon be out of season. May be this is my last mango recipe for this year. Recently I happened to see strawberry cheese cake in a bakery when we had gone for an outing. I was very eager to try them out ,but I had no strawberries with me. Had last batch of mango carton in my pantry. Don't you feel my brain would have tucked some great idea when I saw them? Yes I planned to try out mango cheese cake. 
I was always apprehensive to try them. Now that my confidence has gone little up, I thought to give a try. I must say, it was a wonderful, lip-smacking dessert. I used agar-agar or china grass instead of gelatin. Being vegetarian, I say a big NO to gelatin. So the best option was agar-agar/kanten. Usually it has 2 versions either baked or unbaked. I wanted an unbaked eggless version. Also I wanted to have as individual cheese cake, that way I could see the beauties filled in each bowl. I don't like thick mango jelly on top, just a thin layer of mango jelly on top is all I wanted. I didn't use spring form pan instead prepared them in small cute serving glass bowls. Digestive plain butter biscuits( butterkeks as called in Germany) I used to prepare the crust. My simple way of preparing these cute cheesecake is as below.

Mango-1 ripe
Mascarpone Cheese-1 1/2  cup
Thick Yogurt-2 tsp
Sugar- 1 cup+2 tbsp.
Agar agar-10gm pack (If you prefer more stiff, go for 15 gm pack)
Digestive biscuits-8-10
Melted butter-3-4 tbsp.
Water-1 cup

  1. Take digestive biscuits.
  2. Crush them using a roller to form crumbs. Alternatively use a food processor to do the same job
  3. Add melted butter to it.
  4. Mix well using your fingers or assign this task to a food processor.
  5. Place a potion of the mixture at the bottom of the serving bowl in which you wish to serve the cheesecake. Press well using a spoon so that they are leveled at the bottom. Place it in refrigerator for 30mins to 1 hour till it is set well.
  6. Now puree a mango and set aside. Alternatively use mango pulp readily available in market.
  7. I used mascarpone cheese, you could use any other say cream cheese also. I used which was readily available with me.
  8. Add mascarpone and 1 cup sugar to a bowl.
  9. Next add yogurt to it. Cream the mascarpone with sugar and yogurt.
  10. Dissolve agar-agar powder in water for few minutes and then warm it up till agar-agar is fully dissolved. Do not boil.
  11. Warm up the mango puree a little till it is hot, do not boil and then to the hot mango mixture add hot agar-agar solution. Reason for mixing both of them when hot is to help both ingredients gel nicely.
  12. Add half the mango agar-agar mixture to the creamed mascarpone and sugar mixture. Mix well.
Add this mixture on top of the biscuit crumbs bowl which was set and placed in refrigerator.
Let it set overnight or at least 8 hours in refrigerator.
Half of the mango agar-agar mixture which was remaining needs to be warmed up a little to get it back in liquid state if it has solidified. To that add 2 tbsp. sugar and keep it on a low flame till it turns liquid. This mixture forms the thin layer on top of the cheesecake.
Then remove the serving bowl which was placed in refrigerator to set overnight and just add the prepared above mixture on top. Garnish on top with chopped mangoes or any other desired fruit.

Mine was little more of creamy texture as I don't prefer stiff version. I used 10gm pack. If you wish to have stiff one add little more agar-agar 15gm or 20gm pack would do.
 Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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