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The Idea Caravan- They Need The Real Support Based On Mittal Patel's Talk

Born in a forward caste family, wasn't much aware of hardships and predicaments the people who belong to nomadic tribes and De notified communities face. De notified are those who are born with a label as criminals. They are vimukta jati listed originally under Criminal Tribes Act in the year of 1872. Around 200 and odd communities were notified as criminals. But lately by 1957,they are also called as habitual offenders.
Gujarat, known to be a well developed state in India but there are places that are yet to be reached and looked after. Quite shocking to know that a portion of these tribes face too many problems as they are neither educated nor have any good skills. Mittal Patel, a daring journalist is working for the uplift of these backward nomadic tribes and de notified communities. She gave numerous examples stating the dilemma of nomadic people who are into certain profession that are nowadays hardly seen or practised.
Ishwarbhai, a snake charmer lost his profession once the Wildlife Act came into existence. He neither knew any other profession nor was well educated to do any other job, thereby forcing him to ask alms to lead life. It is not the problem with him alone, more than two and half lakh people who follow this as their profession lost that and are into begging. Not only snake charmers many other nomadic tribes who are into professions like sharpening knives and tools, walking on the rope and entertaining people gathered, some perform folk plays, self disguise them etc. Now with the advancement in the technology, people are able to entertain themselves with the help of internet. Internet world has taken away the scope of such people who don't have any other way to lead life.
The de notified communities face a challenge of registering themselves in police station. They are bound to, even if they do not involve in any crime. Government has taken quick steps to save wildlife, but not these tribes.
Nomads are those who wander from place to place and hence their children are deprived of the basic education. Neither they have an address of their own nor do they get counted in census.
Small village Wadia in Northern Gujarat is openly known for prostitution. Here girls are into this till they get married, but very rare is the case that these girls get married. They are forced into prostitution. Pathetic to know that parents and family members themselves encourage this.
Villages of Gujarat, one of the best states in entire India is facing the peril, then we could imagine how will be those villages of certain backward states in India.
Till date I don't own a voter Id card, but I'm aware that I won't be facing any problems without that. Just a fact is that I won't be able to vote. But for address proof that is not the only thing, I could use my Passport or driving license etc. But for people belonging to these communities voter Id is a must. I learnt that from the talk given by Mittal Patel. Generations of earlier known criminals are targeted. Even though they don't involve in any crime, just because they are belonging to that de notified community and also their parents were known criminals of the past, they are harassed. Many are just taken into custody and they don't even know for what crime they get subjected to these persecution.Voter Id card hence proves to be a savior for those communities. By 2008, with the help of Gujarat Electoral officer Mittal Patel and her organization could manage helping around 20,000 such people getting a voter Id card. This is a real achievement.
Nowadays though people take journalism as their subject of study, no one bothers to do all these social work. But I truly admire this lady for the spectacular support she offered to these backward communities.
Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch is a non profit organization run by a group of people headed by Mittal Patel, works for rights and welfare of these people. This organization is connected to 22000 families in 9 districts of Gujarat. This started from 2006. Not only it helped in providing address proof to around 30,000 people of these communities but also helped their children get basic education by running around 26 schools with more than 1000 enrolled.
Also they helped many girls escape the torments of prostitution. The rule in Wadia village is that if a girl gets engaged or married she will not be subjected to the agony of prostitution. VSSM helped 8 girls get married and 12 girls get engaged thereby saving their precious life. No policies are yet done in Centre or state for these communities.
Mittal Patel is the reason behind their smile. She and her group are doing a great social work for their eminence.Mittal Patel was awarded as the Real Hero award for the year 2013 in youth category. REAL HEROES is an attempt by CNN-IBN in partnership with Reliance Foundation to recognize the unrecognized and to celebrate an India beyond the celebrities.
Even Tata Tea Jaagore launched 'India Awakened' and recognized VSSM as a society change agents.Not only these she received many other awards too.
I salute this lady whole heartedly for her wonderful job. She is living the real life.

Mittal Patel, Journalist, social activist
Mittal Patel
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Wikipedia: Denotified Tribes, Wadia Gujarat
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