Thursday, 28 November 2013

Calling all Great Cooks for a Giveaway!

A month and 3 days more left for opening yet another book, a blank page of the 365page book of our life. Time rolls out, never knew I would ever be blogging in my life. I had been in this field from almost 8 months now. I had been from last month a bit on a lower pace in blogging, with just few recipes coming up a week. But I do spend time bloghopping whenever possible and leaving behind comments. I firmly believe they are moral boosters. They definitely double up your energy within to try out more and share more. I am really fortunate to have so many friends today in this world of blogging. Needless to say they are the reason for my existence here. For the 1st time I would like to share something in the form of giveaway with my blogger and non blogger friends who support me in one or the other ways. It is Just Eat India that is sponsoring the vouchers for 3 winners.
These vouchers would be valid in all restaurants with Just Eat India in the cities of Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.Won't you love to win this giveaway?, Gift a friend/relative and make them feel happy this new year or enjoy yourself if you are in these cities.

Put ‘eat chocolate’ at the top of your list of things to do today.
That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.’
Of course. But then, you can’t do this every single day. Why? Well, because I read somewhere that a 100 g bar generally carries about 542 calories on an average. And since calories are those tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night, that’s not very advisable.

So then, where can you get an entire range of cuisines to choose from, so that you don’t have to eat the same thing every day (read: chocolate)? On India’s largest online food ordering portal, JUST EAT India of course! Here’s a glimpse into this one-stop shop for all your fooding worries.
·         So Many Restaurants, All at One Place:

Yes, it’s almost like you do online shopping – where you can view the different options available and then take your pick. Restaurants serving all types of cuisines – Chinese, Italian, Mughlai, North Indian (even Goan and Mexican!) – are listed here altogether. Just choose your delivery area and you’re set.

·         Plastic Money is the in-thing – Pay Online:

Gone are the days when you had to rummage about for the exact amount of cash to pay the food delivery guy. Pay online for your food and sit back, relax. Or else, if you still prefer paying cash on the delivery of your food, has that option as well.

·         Discounts Galore:

A big plus when you’re opting for online payment restaurants. Just punch in the coupon code and you could avail very good offers on your food home delivery. Perfect value for your money.

·         JustEat Food Ordering Apps:

Available for free from the app stores on Android, iPhone and Windows 8 platforms, these apps are your best friend when you’re on the go and want your food delivered to your place at a particular set time. An extremely user-friendly user interface makes it still simpler to add items to the cart and check out. Hardly took a minute, did it? Well, in case it didn’t, you can’t blame JustEat for having more than two thousand restaurants on board! You can download them here: JustEat Mobile Website

The service is present in the cities of Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and spreading fast to smaller cities as well. Right from entire menus of all restaurants present online to the minimum delivery amounts mentioned against each, the information is comprehensive and very well laid out.

Now try figuring your way in all these scenarios.

One: You wake up late on a lazy weekend morning and the last thing you wish to do is enter your kitchen. It’s almost time for brunch and you’re ravenous as well. What would you do?

Two: Your group of close buddies decides on giving you a surprise call and descends at your place unannounced. You need to order in food but are fed up of the pizzas you get delivered every time. What would you do?

Three: Your kids (or even your spouse!) are fed up of the same old home-cooked food day in and day out and demand ‘different’ fare on a random weekday dinner. What would you do?

The common solution to all these issues is: Order food online on And take yourself on a delightful culinary journey of sorts! And yes, don’t forget to top it up with chocolate. ;)

So coming to the rules of this Giveaway,

    1. Put on your apron and cook any vegetarian dish that you feel is an ideal dish to welcome the New Year 2014.(Avoid eggs please)
    2. Event runs from Nov 28 2013- Dec 12 2013.Both bloggers and non bloggers can participate.
    3. If you are a blogger, post a recipe from Nov 28 2013-Dec 12 2013. Only a single fresh or archived recipe is allowed.For the entry please update the post with back link and event announcement. Non bloggers please send your recipe along with one picture to Non bloggers can share about the event in Facebook and tag me there.
    4. Use of this logo is appreciated.
    5. 3 winners will be selected by
    6. Go ahead and link your wonderful creations for the coming year.

This is my very first Giveaway, please contribute and make it a huge success
Thanking all in Advance.

Thanks to JUST EAT for sponsoring this giveaway.



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