Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sweet Corn Rice

Guest posting was something very new to me.I had quite a number of times seen Be My Guest option in Rafeeda's space and when I saw this for the first time I too wished that I do a guest post for her beautiful space.I was initially very much surprised and used to think as how this exactly happens. We were friends over Facebook and had a chat with her about this guestposting. I was such a dumb that I even asked Rafee that could that post be an old one when it comes to guest post. Well it was she who explained me so patiently about this guest posting concept. I guess anyone will get irritated with such silly questions that I had put forward and won't like to explain such minor concepts. Isn't it? But I could see the difference in her approach. She patiently explained her concept and I felt honored when she gave a warm welcome to my request and said Yes to guest post my recipe there. When asked for the type of recipe she would prefer, she was like any recipe of your choice and happily agreed to guest post my humble recipe up in her place. I'm feeling honored for sure.

To talk about her, I must say a Superwoman who maintains blogging, work, house and her kids in equilibrium. Wish her that God gives enough energy to continue with same pace for ever. I still remember a post in her space which told as how she manages her time in blogging and other activities she is involved in. That was one of my favourite. I really would like to applaud her and her enthu to do so. Do visit her space and check out wonderful recipes. I loved her Blackforest cake alot. I love the way she writes. It feels as though she is right in front of us and is talking to us.She has good number of traditional recipes too. Do visit her space to have a look at them as well as to read my Sweet Corn Rice recipe.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :) 


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