Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cauliflower Masala/Gobi Masala

A weekend definitely calls for something different and delicious. We at home don't mind a bowl full of muesli in the morning, some rice item for lunch and a mild dinner with rotis and curry or rice and dal. But weekend is full of cooking cooking and cooking, and every time when it is something new and different we enjoy. So today our lunch was with Cauliflower/Gobi masala and rotis. Wow, a bliss indeed it was. I used Kashmiri Lal mirch powder to get a bright red color to my dish and well color itself increased our hunger to some extent and no wonder the taste was so nice that I couldn't stop eating just 3 rotis and had another one just to eat this delicious side dish. Well, my intention behind trying this was SYS-W series for November by Viji. This month's hidden ingredients chosen by me were 1 and 4 and they were Onion and Cauliflower. Hence I gave this dish a try and would keep preparing this anymore to accompany the rotis for sure.

Recipe adapted from Kurryleaves with few alterations

Cauliflower florets- 3 cups
Onion-2 big chopped lengthwise
Tomato-1 chopped
Cumin seeds-1 tsp.
Fennel seeds-1 tsp.
Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp.
Sabji masala-1 tsp.
Coriander powder-1 tsp.
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp.
Kashmiri Lal Mirch powder/Red chilly powder-1 1/2 tsp.
Water-1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Oil-3 tbsp.

  1. Line a baking tray with aluminium foil and place the cauliflower florets and drizzle a tbsp of oil on them.Bake them for 20 mins at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degree celsius or you may parboil them too, take care not to cook fully as that way they will turn mushy
  2. In a pan add 2 tbsp. oil and when hot add cumin seeds, fennel seeds and let them crackle.
  3. Now add onions and ginger garlic paste and saute till they turn golden brown.
  4. Now add turmeric powder and saute well.
  5. Now add tomatoes and cook till they are well cooked.
  6. Add coriander powder, sabji masala and Kashmiri Lal Mirch Powder/red chilly powder and mix well.
  7. Once masalas are well cooked add in the baked cauliflower florets and mix well gently without breaking them.
  8. Add water just enough (1/2 cup) to avoid any burning, salt to taste and cook on high heat till the spices are well incorporated in the florets.
  9. Keep mixing occasionally. Once fully cooked it is ready to serve, serve hot with rotis or rice. Garnish with cilantro if preferred

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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