Sunday, 22 December 2013

Banoffee Pie

I happened to just scroll the list of desserts in my space here. I believe like me there are many who crave very much for sweets and own a sweet tooth. I never tried Banoffee Pie till date and as a part of challenge in SFC this month we had Banoffee Pie under fusion dessert. And this is the first time that I prepared it and I enjoyed alot, best part is that my kiddo gulped a bowl full leaving me only a teaspoon to taste. It tasted wonderful. I believe this is the easiest dessert if all things are readily available. Caramel or Dulce de leche is prepared from condensed milk. We do get caramel readily but my search in supermarkets here went in vain and finally had to retort to condensed milk to prepare the caramel. Usually Banoffee Pie is topped with chocolate shavings but my dislike to that made me top them with dryfruits,nuts. Here goes the simple recipe.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Chum Chum

A speciality from the region of  Eastern India is Chum Chum. It is made similar to rasgulla except for the toppings done. Also the shape usually is oblong or tear shaped. I tried following my Rasgulla method, except for the toppings done and also slight variation in the amount of sugar used unlike rasgulla. Rasgulla is served with syrup and this chum chum is served without syrup so preferably the chum chum needs to be more sweeter when compared to rasgulla as there is no sugar syrup to accompany while serving, so I just varied the amount of sugar being used and rest is the same. For better understanding with pictorials I explain below the steps to prepare Chum Chum. This recipe is the challenge for the current month in SFC.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Baked Onion Samosa

Am I health conscious is the question that keeps arising in my mind when I fry certain appetizers. But can't afford to miss enjoying them. Now I have an alternative so that I could be guilt free even after eating a whole lot. Samosas are something that I love to munch any time, these baked ones are perfect for weather and health, it will be more healthy if I skip all purpose flour and use wheat flour I believe.
I had no potatoes in my pantry hence first gave a try to baked version of Onion Samosa, fried version of Onion Samosa I had shared long back in the space. It tastes heavenly for sure, but this baked version too is not bad, I would say definitely it cannot reach the level fried ones in terms of taste but yes, as it serves our purpose of keeping us healthy and still allowing us to enjoy, is something I loved about the baked version. Enjoy this Christmas with these Baked Onion Samosas. Here goes the simple recipe.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Aloo Bun and the round up of the giveaway 'New Year Special'

Sorry for the delay to publish the result of the giveaway, better late than never. I am up today with the simple Aloo Bun Recipe. I am not much crazy about baking but yes definitely at times I love to. It gives me lot of happiness. I was trying this the first time, so was little skeptical and hence only tried just 4 and the outcome was perfect bun as we get in bakeries, I was not much satisfied with the aloo/potato mixture inside as I didn't add any seasoning/tadka when I prepared the potato filling inside. But my first attempt on bun was just perfect. I was very happy. It was a blind attempt with my own measurements and well happy that it came out just perfect. I just jotted down the recipe once I did it, just because I didn't want to forget the measure when I update the post.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Orange Rind Soup/Kittale Sippe Saaru

Season of clementine here and I wish not it ends, I love eating them. Unique and traditional recipes do make use of each and every part of a fruit and vegetable unless and until it is not edible. A recipe which I learnt as a part of Havyaka traditional cooking from one of my closest sister Shri Kripa is Orange Rind Soup//Kittale Sippe Saaru. It is actually called kittale sippe gojju too, but as the consistency is watery I preferred calling it as saaru. It is a perfect combination for rice along with ghee, also tastes best when rice is eaten with this soup and curd. Here goes the recipe.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Matra/Matar/Dry Peas/Hara Vatana Chat

It started snowing here, the first snow of the season and you can imagine the temperature here. It is going down day by day, making us difficult to move out of the house. It is fun to watch snowing outside and enjoy something hot, spicy and tangy that tickle our tastebuds. Today evening it was a Healthy Chat that we enjoyed with a cup of tea spiced with ginger and cardamom.
Wondering what that healthy chat is? It was Matra/Matar Chat, made out of cooked dry peas/vatana.Yes, it is indeed healthy with no oil used except for the thin nylon sev that is sprinkled on top, which could be rather skipped if not desired.
Simple recipe to be followed is as here.