Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dry fruits and nuts spiced cake

Winters are at least for me very depressive. The day for me begins with darkness, sun out for a while and darkness again by the time you reach back home. It is the season when I succumb to cold and cough and that circulates within the family. I am just waiting for spring. Baking a spiced cake was in my mind for a long time, and Christmas here gave me a valid occasion to bake one. I was out in search of small gifts for my kid, when I accidentally noticed a bundt baking pan.
Yes, I say accidentally because Mr. S was like if you go shopping you will pick up many things that are not really required on a daily basis. Yes, baking happens very rare at my place, so he was right at that point. I still managed to get the bundt cake pan home and just couldn't resist baking. The very next day on 25th December, I and my kid baked an aromatic egg less cake filled with dry fruits, nuts and spices. That way I could get her eat some dry fruits and nuts. I followed the recipe from show me the curry website, I did alter the measurements according to my choice based on the availability of ingredients.