Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Palak Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese Cubes in Spinach Gravy

Much Awaited by me was this 100th post. It really feels great that just within very few months of blogging I could reach my 100th post. Wow, I am super excited for 2 reasons, One my India trip which is also a much awaited one,and secondly my 100th post I'm posting before my trip to India tomorrow. Yes this trip will be a real great trip for me with regard to learning more new authentic dishes from my mom, mother in law and few close friends and relatives. Let me not drag rather share with you my authentic Palak Paneer recipe here.

Moong Dal Vada/Lentil Fritters

Moong Dal Vada is a very famous snack or starter which goes well with ketchup or any hot chutneys.
It is a crispy starter which is crisp outside. Inside it is soft and tastes awesome as an evening snack with hot cup of tea.I learnt this recipe from manjula's kitchen owned by Manjula Jain.

Rava Idli

An authentic yet another south Indian dish is Rava Idlis. I was used to MTR Rava Idli mix in the beginning when we landed here in Germany. But soon the mixes which I got was over and we started developing crave for rava idlis.
I thus started checking in interner for the recipe of rava idlis. And I got the basic recipe for rava idlis. Then I twisted and tweaked accordingly to get good rava idlis.

Soft Idlis

A traditional breakfast at Indian households, especially south Indian. It is made by steaming the batter made out of deskinned udad dal. Usually Idlis are eaten with accompaniments like chutney or sambhar. It is even served as snack in the evenings. In ancient South India, it is believed to be made from purely deskinned udad dal by soaking it buttermilk and grinding it to fine paste and steaming. As days went on it was discovered that adding rice speedens the process of fermentation and thus came the soft idlis made out of udad dal and rice.

Banana Halwa/Banana Fudge

Very simple halwa from south India is Banana Halwa. The recipe is simple but takes off all your patience till you get the perfect outcome. Here I bring for you my recipe for banana halwa. This recipe calls for fully ripe mashed bananas. I had few very ripe bananas in my cupboard and to finish them off here I tried my mom's way of making halwa. I loved the way she used to take care that no groceries go spoiled. Whenever she finds extremely ripe bananas which one would not eat she will come up with this great halwa which is a mouth watering dessert.She had directed me to mash the bananas, but me lazy gal,din't want to make my mixer dirty just to mash very ripe bananas, so I did chop them so fine that they looked as though they were mashed up.It calls for good amount of ghee and sugar too. I love this halwa for it's taste and also for the fact that no bananas will go waste in my kitchen cupboard due to this perfect recipe.
Very simple way of doing halwa is as below

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Poori Sagu

Checked my kitchen cupboard early morning and found only few potatoes and carrots, my brain started working quick and decided my breakfast menu to be poori sagu. Wanted to come up with a quick fix for sagu, so tried my own way out to make sagu. I was happy that both my hubby and cute kiddo had enough patience to wait till I'm done. My daughter too loved it alot, both of them enjoyed their breakfast so much today.Who doesn't love poori sagu?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Poha/Avalakki Upma/Beaten Rice Upma

Poha is a very light nutritious recipe for a breakfast to be prepared in a jiffy. Usually poha could be prepared in many ways with added vegetables like adding potatoes makes it a north Indian special called batata poha, also some add carrots, potatoes, beans, peas and make it further nutritious called avalakki mixed veg bhath and so on.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Magas/Besan Barfi

When holidays or festivals are around the corner, celebration will not end without a dessert. Magas/Besan burfi is made with chickpea flour as the base. But the normal chickpea flour is converted to different coarse variety flour which is then used to prepare the burfi. It is very yummy dessert with fragrance of roasted chickpea flour.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Carrot Cashewnut Milkshake

Before moving to Germany me with my family got a chance to visit one of my close friend's house. Our welcome drink there was this yummy milkshake. I was continuously asked to keep guessing the ingredients of the milkshake. My guessing session went on with my different guesses based on colour and taste of the milkshake like, ingredients may be muskmelon,almond, and many more but finally I was surprised to know that it was carrot cashewnut milkshake. Wow still remember the day, my kid was just 9 months old and she drank that so easily that I wondered why the hell I din't get this idea before! This milkshake recipe was from my friend's husband Mr A. Wow, so yummy it was! You could make any kid eat carrot this way because the smell of carrot never remains in the final product and hence no wonder if I tell a kid will just finish it off and ask for more. I was really surprised to know the ingredients in the milkshake from my friend. Well here I share with you the unique recipe of this yummylicious milkshake.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Onion Bhaji

Indian dishes are known for their flavours and uniqueness. A simple tasty snack is Onion bhajee which is by itself a tasty snack to munch on as well as to eat as a side dish for any rice items prepared.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is an Indian dish which is a vey famous breakfast item in western,central and northern parts of India. It is basically stuffed flat bread, with mashed spicy mixture of potatoes within the dough ball, rolled and cooked on hot griddle.

Aloo Bhindi

Aloo Bhindi is a dry side dish from Northern India. Commonly ate with flatbreads, but I like to eat them as such. Combination of potatoes and okra also goes well. Otherwise also Aloo/potatoes is such a vegetable that it goes well with any other vegetable usually.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Kalakand/Milk Cake

Kalakand is a very special and authentic dessert in Northern part of India. Usually prepared during festivals, this is an ultimate mouth melting sweet with cottage cheese/paneer as its main ingredient.
Little more on calorie side it is,due to use of paneer/cottage cheese, sugar,ghee and condensed milk
yet once in a while digging into such wonderful desserts is a pleasure for me. I believe so is yours. ;) Here I share with you the authentic Kalakand recipe.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Aloo Gobhi

Aloo Gobhi is a very famous north Indian dish made with potatoes and cauliflower with added Indian spices.It is a very good side dish for flat breads as well as for rice.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spiced Butter Milk

Our days to visit India is approaching! We are delighted and are very busy with full fledged shopping. Our saturday shopping was real tiresome with our shopping and eating outside.
By late evening my hubby was so tired that he just requested me to prepare spiced butter milk, which we call 'masale majjige' in our language.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Veggie Pizza on stove top

Who doesn't love Pizza? It is not considered to be healthy due to the use of all purpose flour in the making, but we could make it healthy by loading tonnes of veggies in them. Isn't it? Now when you have to do pizza in small quantity, heating up an oven doesn't make sense, right? And we end up buying from outside.
So I have a solution for that, Guess what!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

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Gobi Paratha/Cauliflower Stuffed Flat Bread

Stuffed parathas are loved by all. Aloo/ Potatoes are popular as stuffing for aloo parathas.
Many varieties are available and parathas are named solely based on the stuffing.Today I share with you all Gobi paratha or flat bread with cauliflower stuffing.