Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dry fruits and nuts spiced cake

Winters are at least for me very depressive. The day for me begins with darkness, sun out for a while and darkness again by the time you reach back home. It is the season when I succumb to cold and cough and that circulates within the family. I am just waiting for spring. Baking a spiced cake was in my mind for a long time, and Christmas here gave me a valid occasion to bake one. I was out in search of small gifts for my kid, when I accidentally noticed a bundt baking pan.
Yes, I say accidentally because Mr. S was like if you go shopping you will pick up many things that are not really required on a daily basis. Yes, baking happens very rare at my place, so he was right at that point. I still managed to get the bundt cake pan home and just couldn't resist baking. The very next day on 25th December, I and my kid baked an aromatic egg less cake filled with dry fruits, nuts and spices. That way I could get her eat some dry fruits and nuts. I followed the recipe from show me the curry website, I did alter the measurements according to my choice based on the availability of ingredients.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Cardamom flavored condensed milk muffins

Baking cakes or muffins is something I hardly do. But I had an unopened pack of condensed milk, my willingness to use that and the sight of the muffin pan lying by the side, tempted me to to try some baking. Cardamom is one of the spices I love. I am so generous with adding them in Indian milk tea. My tea is always a little more milky, more edge on sweetness too. That is the way I like my tea.
Now for these muffins I used no fancy ingredients, just the normal ones available in pantry did my job. My daughter too was interested in seeing how they come out, hence we spent solid one hour in the afternoon baking them. The aroma that filled in the kitchen was overwhelming. That is the best part of baking for me. Here we go.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Tortilla roll ups

Days passed by, never got time to look back here into my space. How much ever I try to hold back, there is something in this space that pulls me every time to engage myself for some time here. Yes today I sit after many months, to scribble what I want on and on. My bubbly turned 5 on April 8th this year. Every year the passion in me never lets me order food from outside for my kiddo's party. It was like it has to be prepared by me however difficult it is, irrespective of the count that would be joining the party. Not keeping well for past few months couldn't let me risk myself, hence our main course was vegetable pizza from a pizzeria nearby. Still the mother in me told I must do something for her party and hence the idea was to prepare some simple starter before the main course and a dessert to follow that.
The starter was Tortilla Roll Ups. It was my first try and turned out to be delicious that I was craving for the same after the party. Hence I tried again and sharing the detail step by step pictures for a simple starter to just add that extra shimmer to your party!