Saturday, 29 June 2013

Instant Onion Rava Dosa

A crispy less oil snack for an evening tea today was instant crispy onion rava dosa. Very simple to make instant batter which is prepared with no soaking, no grinding of lentils or rice for dosa. Interesting. isn't it? Go ahead and prepare this yummy dosa. You won't be disappointed for sure. It is damn crispy and the smell of onions in the dosa make them marvelous.
Here I share with you all guys the recipe of the same.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Doodhi/Lauki Halwa / Sweet Bottlegourd Pudding

Bottlegourd known in India as doodhi or lauki, is an Indian veggie used in many curries and also it is known for the health benefits. The halwa out of it is very famous in Northern India. I tried to prepare this halwa today afternoon so that we could eat a flavourful dessert after our normal dinner. Here I share the rich and sinful dessert's easy to make recipe

Mango Milkshake

Mango season almost ended, still we manage to get the mangoes here from Asian stores which are imported from Asian countries. I got last week a carton of mangoes in which it was mentioned 'Honey Sweet Mangoes'(they were really very very sweet mangoes) that were exported from India.
Mango being the king of all fruits it is liked by almost all. My kid Shreeya is so choosy and always expects me to prepare mango milkshake atleast one time a day because she got used to mango milkshake once a day during mango season.
But literally I'm worried with the thought that in the days to come, they won't be available for another one year. We get mangoes from Brazil here during offseason too but they could never reach the taste of Indian mangoes. So once I tried to delude my daughter by preparing milk mixed with Pediasure instead of mango milkshake but Alas, she couldn't be betrayed. She was asking me again and again to prepare mango milkshake for her. I'm now in a situation of worried mom thinking as how to make her forget about the mango milkshake soon. Well I'll soon get some good ideas. Let me now share with you all very simple delightful yummy milkshake made of mango recipe is as below.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bhindi Raita/Okra Yogurt Dip

Okra is usually one among the favourite veggies for all. It is so  versatile that it could be used in different forms of vegetarian cooking in the form of dry side dish or a gravy dish or even in raitas. Wowed? You will not fail to keep few portion of the okras from now on from the basket of okras at your home after going through this post of mine to prepare raita, yes Bhindi raita/Okra Yogurt Dip.
I was left amazed when I got this raita recipe of Sanjeev Kapoor's. His recipe calls for deep frying the chopped bhindi before preparing raita. I rather tweaked in by just sautéing the chopped okra in little oil till they turned crisp giving you the feeling almost similar to deep fried ones. Here I share the very simple easy to follow recipe of okra/bhindi raita

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Cabbage Rice

Cabbage is a vegetable which acts as a cleanser for our digestive system. This leafy vegetable provides enough fibre content required by the body. Cabbage Rice is something which I tried later in the evening yesterday. It tasted heavenly delicious and to be honest it was my first try on white cabbage. Have tried it with red cabbage earlier. Red cabbage gives good colour to your rice and no other colouring is required. I wanted to try with white ones this time and to colour the rice I used turmeric powder. With just minimum spices I could bring on the serving platter an awesome rice item for dinner. Here I share the simple recipe with you all.

Onion Coconut Red Chutney

Red chutney or 'kempu' (meaning red colour in Kannada Language) chutney, this is how I used to call this chutney in my childhood days when my mom used to prepare them. For all I know, those golden days will never return. Those were the real best days of my life can say Golden Life with no worries and tensions. You never owe any responsibility, no future plans, just a blank blackboard we used to be where each and every one write what they feel like and go, left to us as what to take and what not. May be if allowed to continue, I may seem preposterous. So let me not make it a humdrum and take you right to the recipe

Monday, 24 June 2013

Semiya Sheera / Vermicelli Sheera/Halwa

Vermicelli sheera/halwa is an authentic Indian easy to make dessert. There are countless classic Indian desserts. Yesterday tried my hands on this yummy flavourful vermicelli sheera. Thought to share this classy recipe with you all.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Gujarathi Methi Thepla

A food that brings comfort for people of Gujarat is Methi Thepla. I somehow used to wonder when I was in Gujarat the way they prepare many varieties of snacks and their menu for a meal at any time of the day is worth an applause. Gujarathi food is very famous, it is little on the sweeter and spicier side. Thepla is little different from dhebra. Usually people get confused the same way as khaman and dhokla. People tend to call khaman dhokla when actually both are different items. Similarly dhebra is actually a deep fried thicker patties made using equal amount of wheat and bajra(millet)flour with few spices added. But nowadays when people started becoming highly health conscious, even dhebras are now baked rather than deep fried, but the real taste will definitely differ when it is baked. And theplas are made out of wheat flour completely with added spices and vegetable of your choice, such as if methi is added it becomes methi thepla, when spinach is added spinach/palak thepla etc. Here I share with you all Methi Thepla recipe. I enjoyed eating many times when in Gujarat and learnt this recipe from mom who in turn learnt from our gujarathi neighbour that time.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Authentic Aamras

Aamras is nowadays prepared in many ways by grinding mango chunks with added other ingredients, but the traditional or I could say the authentic way of preparing involves extracting pure juicy mango pulp alone without any fibrous content. Having been in Gujarat for few years I tried to get hold of few recipes that are considered to be a must during particular time of the year, say aamras during mango season, Ghujiyas/Ghughras during Diwali etc.I got sweet mangoes from an Indian store nearby. Thought to prepare aamras out of it.
Here I share with you the old way of extracting pulp from mango.

Tomato Onion Uthappam

Simple plain dosa tastes good but why not make it even better with veggies like tomatoes,onions,green chillies,carrots etc. I can tell you openly that though I try out new recipes, I always try out easy ways and to be frank I used the same batter which I used to prepare Plain Dosas here to prepare base for tomato onion uthappam. Just few veggies added and little variation in spreading the dosa on griddle helped me achieve a new variety of dosa thereby satisfying my craving.
Here I share the simple recipe of tomato onion uthappam.

Dosa batter used for plain dosa-2 cups
Grated carrots-2-3 tsp
Tomatoes-1/2 chopped
Onion-1/2 chopped
Green chillies-1-2 chopped
Tomato thokku/tomato chutney-2 tsp
Ghee or oil to smear

  1. Pour a ladle full of batter on the hot nonstick griddle and just spread it little, do not spread it too thin.
  2. Add few chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies, grated carrots and also add around 3/4-1 tsp of tomato thokku on top of the dosa.
  3. Cover and cook for 1-2 minutes on high.
  4. Remove the cover and apply or smear little ghee or oil on top and without flipping transfer it to the serving plate.
  5. Enjoy hot with coconut cilantro spicy chutney.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

Plain Dosa

Dosas are available in many varieties and one such is plain dosa also known in south India as saada dosa, 'saada' meaning plain. Any one would enjoy this dosa, just a need of spicy chutney to accompany with. Yesterday night it was dosa mela, I tried making 2 varieties out of the same batter which I prepared early morning. I love uthappam kind of dosa and Mr S is like 'o please make for me saada dosa and chutney'. My brain worked and I decided to satisfy both the needs. And I could manage preparing both plain dosa as well as Tomato Onion Uthappam. Here I share the recipe to make this simple dosa batter.

Coconut Cilantro spicy Chutney

The flavour of cilantro or coriander leaves in chutney is mindblowing. When blended with fresh coconut the taste gets even better. How about a coconut chutney with cilantro? Awesome color lent by Cilantro makes it more attractive lookwise and even tasty due to the flavour. The coconut brings the nutty feeling and tastes delicious when used as an accompaniment with dosa,idli or even rice.
Here I share the simple spicy and tasty chutney recipe

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Fusion Sambar with Mexican Veggies

No wonder I do heights in experimenting within kitchen but yes many times they turn out to be heavenly delicious. And one such awesome creation is this fusion sambar. Yesterday was the second time I prepared this. Got this idea from my better half. He suggested me to try out using these mexican vegetable mix in it. It is superfast and easy to make sambar. Could be a best and easy ones for bachelors too. This sambhar doesn't need any grinding. Usually when we tell sambar people think it involves grinding coconut for the gravy and all, but hurray this doesn't need all that.Here I share my fusion sambar recipe.

Tomato Thokku/Tangy Spicy Tomato Chutney

A tangy spicy chutney serves as a condiment for flat breads,dosas,idlis and even rice. Who will not prefer making such items and preserving for few days so that it could be used during emergency when you run out of veggies in your pantry or when you donot find time to prepare any side dish?
Well, I love this tomato thokku lots. I was introduced to this recently when I ate at a south Indian restaurent a dosa item. I just fell in love with this delicacy of south. It tastes heavenly and can be preserved unlike other coconut based chutneys if refrigerated and proper amount of oil if used while preparing the thokku/chutney.Here I share a simple thokku recipe.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Brinjal/Eggplant/Baingan Tawa Fry

My super cute small refrigerator had many varieties of veggies when I opened it yesterday. I felt as though all of them were calling me and telling 'USE ME' today, I hence decided to prepare Brinjal tawa fry.I had brought that last week itself and was deep inside the vegetable section in the fridge.It was huge, but didn't want to keep some portion of it back in fridge. Hence decided to prepare a Baingan Masala as well as this Baingan tawa fry. Tawa fry tastes heavenly. I just couldn't wait to dig in along with curd rice.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Vermicelli Lemonbhath

A quick lunch pack today morning was Vermicelli Lemonbhath. Was wondering early morning as what to prepare and pack for Mr. S. Usually my quick vegetable pulav works out but having eaten it just yesterday he wasn't willing to have the same today. So thought for a while and came up with the solution i.e. Vermicelli Lemonbhath which served both breakfast as well as his lunch. Here I share the simple recipe, it could be served as breakfast or lunch or any time of the day to fill your stomach.

Pomegranate Juice

Sipping the yummy pomegranate juice is a luxury at any time and any season of the year for our family. Till my marriage never tried juice out of pomegranate. Only it was consumed as fruit. After marriage when we were staying in India my better half introduced me this yummy coolant.
The colour itself is so soothing and not to forget the taste. I could skip any day's meal for this particular juice. Pomegranate rich in vitamins like vitamin C, K and also contains many minerals in it.
Worth the effort behind deseeding and blending to prepare the juice.

Saatu/Badusha/Balushahi/Flaky Indian Doughnut

I'm in love with the way the badusha sweet is made in my native by renowned cooks. Our subcaste is much particular about the way and the type of sweets that are prepared during functions, every small function calls for 2-3 sweets in the menu. 'Saatu' as called in our native local language is a different name given to Badusha sweet of South India or Balushahi as called in Northern parts of India.
I still remember the days when I heard from many elders that it is a sweet which could be prepared well only by experienced cooks, but no wonder though a beginner I could very well manage doing this sweet though it was the first attempt.
I had observed this time the way it was prepared in a small function at our home by our family cook who cooks usually for some occasions in our family.I followed exact measurements though his preparation was for large number of saatu,by reducing all quantities accordingly so that I needn't worry if anything goes wrong.
It is a flaky melt in mouth crispy sweet glazed with sugar coating. It tastes heavenly and let me not drag you more and take you straight to the sinful dessert recipe that I followed.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mango Custard

Mango season it was in India during our recent visit. Carried few unripe mangoes all the way to Germany so that we could wait till they ripen and enjoy them as mangoes are our family favourites. My kid enjoys mango in the form of lassi/milkshake where as we like it in any form, and today we tried custard with mangoes alone.
Yummy delicious mango custard is simple to prepare and should enjoy it chilled to get the best taste.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Creamy Quick Palak Sabzi

Lazy weekends calls for simple and easy recipes. I somehow have to manage fresh food 3 times for the day if we do not have any outing plans. Almost every weekend, morning begins for us at around 10 or 10-30am with no tensions of packing lunch or preparing any breakfast early in the morning as the weekdays. After getting up so late I start thinking as what special shall I do for this day's breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Well, morning breakfast has to be a swift one because if I take too much time it will become a brunch which my better half doesn't prefer.
So I somehow manage closing my kitchen set up for the breakfast as fast as possible within an hour of waking up. Hence today even for lunch I got a quick and easy recipe which I usually prepare as side dish for parathas or rotis/chapathis. I thought I would share this simple recipe with you all.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thuppa Dosa/Ghee Dosa

Our visit to India as told by my partner was for eating south Indian sumptuous meal, dosas and desserts. I agree we did enjoy many delicacies atleast once. Reason behind my thuppa dosa today is solely for my hubby. I have observed many times before coming to Germany as well as during our recent visit to India, he ordering thuppa dosa in south Indian restaurents. This was my motivation behind preparing thuppa dosa in my pantry.
Very simple recipe with proper measurements is as below.

South Indian style Coconut Sambhar

Sambar made with ground coconut goes very well with boiled rice,white rice,dosas etc. A south Indian lunch is incomplete without a sambar in the menu. Here I share with you all a simple sambar recipe,easy to prepare and relish as side dish for rice or as an accompaniment for dosa.

Mango Ginger/Aamba Haldi Chutney

I love mango flavoured chutneys. I got with me this time mango ginger or aamba haldi with me which people use for preparing pickles.Mango-ginger is neither related to mango nor ginger but to turmeric (Curcuma longa). It is a rhizome which is pale yellow inside and lighter colour outside. When it is crushed it gives sweet smell of unripe mango. The flavour is predominantly ginger with a delightful faint aroma and taste of mango. However, the taste is not as sharp as ordinary ginger is.I added this to my coconut chutney and loved the mango flavour in it. It tastes delicious with dosas.I got this recipe from my mother in law. She cultivates aamba haldi in her small farm meant for vegetables, it is called 'manganari' in our local language in my native.
Here I share this chutney recipe.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

South Indian style Cabbage Sabzi/Cabbage Palya

There are n number of variations in the way the food is prepared in southern India and northern parts, especially the sabzi which is prepared in north do not make use of much water rather it uses oil alone where as in south we use water to cook the veggies and then give tadka or seasoning or begin the preparationof palya with seasoning.
Here I share with you all today the way I make cabbage palya or cabbage sabzi in south Indian style.

Semige Rasayana/Ottu Shavige with Rasayana/Home made Rice Noodles

Having stayed for a short vacation in India, I couldn't get enough time to satisfy my cravings for authentic homemade dishes. Had got chance to eat almost all items once though. Last one year I could never try this particular dish as I didn't have a chakli maker.
But this time I'm back from India with a chakli maker to satisfy mine as well as my better half's cravings. Authentic ottu shavige calls for soaking rice and then grinding it to a thin batter of buttermilk consistency and then cooking on a small flame till it turns to a dough like mass.
But lazy me always try out the easy ways yet I like to have the same authentic taste in it.
I tried it out from rice flour this time and WOW was the feeling.
No need to feel bad for being outside India. I could reach the taste of authentic shavige almost. Here I share with you all the recipe to prepare ottu shavige.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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First of all hearty congrats to her on reaching her milestone.
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Happy to be her follower and All the best wishes for her baby blog!

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