Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Masala Dosa Preparation from start to finish

South India is definitely famous for dosas, idlis. No one needs explanation. I many a times try masala dosa at home and it so happens that I let slip from memory to capture pics to depict them step by step in my space. Hence this time I really jogged my memory by keeping a reminder when I was about to soak the rice and dal in water. So this time, I tried my best to get you all pictorial representation of my masala dosa preparation. Here goes the recipe.


No coconut No Lentil Sambar

Sambar usually is prepared using coconut or with the help of lentils tur dal/yellow pigeon pea lentils. But aren't you amazed to know that sambar could be made even without using coconut as well as lentils? Infact a sambar in a jiffy. I used gram flour to thicken the gravy of the sambar. Here is the simple yet tasty sambar recipe.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tomato Pappu/Dal(Andhra style)

Down with cold and cough from past two days made me very weak and unable to do anything at my kitchen. All these days I enjoyed my better half's dishes. Since he did his graduation in areas nearing to Andhra, he is much more aware of the way dishes are made in Andhra. It is known for the spiciness. Their dishes tend to be very hot and I find tomato pappu/dal as a best accompaniment with boiled rice. Even with plain white rice it tastes heavenly. I find such dishes ideal when we are down with flu or so. I tried out yesterday the same way as taught to me by Mr. S. He sometimes add spinach to it and it becomes spinach pappu. Base for any vegetable pappu is preparing tomato dal/tomato pappu and to that adding desired cooked vegetables. Here I share the tomato pappu recipe.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Idea Caravan- They Need The Real Support Based On Mittal Patel's Talk

Born in a forward caste family, wasn't much aware of hardships and predicaments the people who belong to nomadic tribes and De notified communities face. De notified are those who are born with a label as criminals. They are vimukta jati listed originally under Criminal Tribes Act in the year of 1872. Around 200 and odd communities were notified as criminals. But lately by 1957,they are also called as habitual offenders.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pressure Cooker Eggless Butterless Vanilla Sponge Cake

In the recent past I happened to see many cake recipes when I was over internet. They tempt me all the time and I happen to get from outside and gobble them up. Yesterday I felt I should give a try. But I have many limitations like I don't consume egg, so have to prepare an eggless sponge cake. With no oven was yet another. Still I was confident enough to prepare them using my pressure cooker. This time I wanted to try a butter less version. Again another limitation. Somehow I could manage baking a very good spongy moist cake with my lovely pressure cooker. This recipe I have adapted from Jeyashri's Kitchen. Hers was a cake recipe where cake was baked in oven. I tried the same in pressure cooker. I'm a newbie in the field of baking, please excuse me in case I have explained anything wrongly. Here is the recipe.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cream of Spinach/Palak Soup

Much obsessed by Popeye in my childhood, was always under the presumption that eating a tin of spinach at once would offer enormous strength. Well though not that instant, spinach does definitely play an important role in offering right amount of nutrition that a body requires. It is a store house of vitamins and minerals that needs to be in our day to day diet. Spinach soup is one of the best way to eat spinach I believe. Well not to drag much will take you all straight to the cream of spinach recipe.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dahi Bhindi/ Okra in Creamy Yogurt Gravy No Onion No Garlic

Dahi Bhindi is a side dish popular throughout India but differs from region to region in terms of the way it is prepared eventhough they share same name. Simple concept behind is use of curd/yogurt as gravy for bhindi/okra in the dish. It usually involves the use of onion, garlic. But I tried yesterday no onion no garlic version of Dahi Bhindi and it was an instant hit. Loved it as an accompaniment for chapathi/roti. It goes well with any Indian flat bread or even plain rice. Richness of yogurt in this dish brings about the unique taste. Here goes the recipe.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mangalore Buns/Kele ki Poori

Mangalore Buns, not sure why it is named so, a common breakfast or an evening snack of coastal area of Mangalore in Karnataka is Mangalore Buns. It is served along with chutney or sambar and tastes super delicious. It looks like a puffed poori. It is dark coloured due to use of sugar and banana. Sugar content tends to caramelize offering a bright brownish colour to the Mangalore Buns.In north India people even call them as kele ki poori. Golibaje/Mangalore bajji is yet another delight of Mangalore. Both are close to the heart of people belonging to that place. When I happened to go through my blog I didn't find Mangalore Buns though I often prepare them at home.Being from that place basically, I wanted that up on my blog.So today evening I tried my hands yet again on them. Usually made from all purpose flour/maida. Nowadays people who are health conscious tend to prepare Mangalore Buns from wheat flour too. The real taste may not be there but the other purpose of preparing them at home could be achieved. Here I share the authentic way of preparing Mangalore Buns.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Accolade Received

Early morning I happened to go through my mail box and was enthralled to see a mail. Know why? I felt blessed when I saw a comment in my blog post of Aloo Bonda. It was written 'I like reading your blog and I nominate it for ABC Award'.
Heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Hindustani Sakhi Saheli for this lovely accolade.
Having come into blogging world recently and getting honored thrills and excites me to try out more and more. Thanks to all my lovely readers who are my inspiration and also Hindustani Sakhi Saheli for this honorary mention.

This was the award that I got

This award has to be shared with few of my fellow bloggers and I should write one word about myself that describes me starting from any alphabet.
So to describe me in a single word I must say I'm a 'Gourmand'!

The rules are simple:
Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
Write one word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C, etc.
Nominate some blogs.
Leave a comment on those blogs to let them know!

I would like to share this Award with few Bloggers:
Nominated bloggers are:


I may have missed few of my co bloggers, sorry for that, but would definitely share awards with them in future.. :)


Dabeli/Kutchi Dabeli/Kachchhi Dabeli

A savoury snack from the region of Kutch in India is Kutchi Dabeli/Kutchi Burger. Kutch even today is well known for the authentic dabeli. Dabeli is nothing but burger bun which is cut partly into half and filled with a spicy potato mixture, along with dates and tamarind chutney, green spicy cilantro chutney, garlic chutney, roasted peanuts, pomegranate seeds and garnished with nylon sev. This ultimate combination of sweetness, sourness, spiciness gives you an eternal feeling. I digged in so badly that I didn't even bother getting my clicks right or perfect. I must tell this is a must try snack at home. The cooking time indeed is very less if all preparations like the chutneys, potato mixture and roasted peanuts, ready sev etc are done in advance. It is just a matter of few minutes. If you have any guests to be served in the evening you could very well keep ready all the required preparations in advance so that you could serve hot dabelis as and when required.

Garlic Chutney/Lasun ki Chutney

Another famous chutney that is usually prepared for dabeli or for vada pav is garlic chutney or lasun ki chutney. The garlic when blended along for chutney departs a pungent smell and makes this chutney highly flavoured. I had prepared this chutney as to go along with Kutchi Dabeli. Here goes the simple recipe for the flavourful chutney.

Dates and Tamarind Chutney/Khajur aur Imli ki meethi chutney

An ideal condiment for pakodas, samosas or any savoury fried snack is dates tamarind chutney. I prepared this chutney to go along with Kutchi Dabeli. It is very easy to prepare and lasts long. If stored in a refrigerator it could be used for even 2-3 months.
I share here a simple way to make dates tamarind chutney.

Cilantro Spicy Green Chutney/Hari Theeki Chutney

A wonderful dip for kebabs, pakoras, chats etc is 'hari theeki chutney' meaning green spicy chutney made of coriander leaves/cilantro. The flavor of cilantro and added green chillies bring the spiciness in the chutney which is just amazing. I prepared this chutney for enjoying it in Kutchi Dabeli. Here follows the recipe of the chutney.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Aloo Bonda/Batata Vada

Potato is such a vegetable that it could be used in many dishes due to its well blending nature. I love any items out of potatoes, can say one of my favourite veggie. Aloo Bonda is a lip smacking savoury deep fried snack meant for a rainy evening with hot masala tea or a cup of coffee. It is supposed to contain much calories due to the fact that it is oil fried and also potato is rich in calories. So people on diet must definitely avoid these fried items but me, I'll eat them anytime under Sun. Here I share aloo bonda recipe. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Gobi Pakora/Cauliflower Fritters

Working out an extra hour I won't mind if I get to eat such fried goodies. Pakoras are available in varieties. Out of the plenty one of my favourites is Gobi pakora. I always wonder why it is so that I get tempted to fried goodies, but I felt that it will be quite obvious when I saw my small 2 year old kid asking for more these fritters. It is a mountain climbing task for me to make my kid eat sometimes and she would spit if she doesn't like, but was real amazed to see the way she gobbled up the pakoras. Infact I had a tough time to stop her from eating after 2-3 pieces. Here I share my way of preparing Gobi pakoras.

Tomato Pulao(Mumbai style)

An ideal rice item for a dinner with just minimum veggies available is tomato pulao. You would think what is so different about this Mumbai style tomato pulao. Yes, there is. I learnt this recipe from well known chef Harpal singh of Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen. I liked the idea of using Pav bhaji masala in tomato pulao. That way I could use the pav bhaji masala stored in my kitchen in a recipe other than pav bhaji. Tomato pulao is a street fast food, in fast food joints usually in the pav bhaji stalls tomato pulao will be there in the menu but here is how it is prepared at home.

Spicy Navaratan Kurma/Vegetable Kurma

Being into cooking intensely from last few months, I came across many a times a question which people tend to ask with a cook for sure. Though I love trying many new recipes and at times I do feel like laughing when some one asks me ''your signature dish?'' My list goes endless or I remain dumbstruck.!If you ask for I can proudly say yes, this is very well a signature dish of mine. After moving to Germany my venture in cooking started with this dish preparation I can say which I actually learnt from Vah re Vah chef, but Mr. S who doesn't like the sweet version of this curry had to bear with me whenever I used to prepare this curry for rotis or rice. Hence I slowly started to tweak the recipe by changing initially few ingredients and now many I could say, hence developed a new recipe which perfectly suits mine and husband's taste well.

Giveaway at Cooking with Sapana

An enthusiastic blogger Sapana has a lovely space with wide variety of wonderful recipes.
She is organizing a lovely event 'Fast!Fresh!Simple' with a giveaway, do participate and win.
You just need to cook something fast, fresh and simple.Hurry..
Click to participate.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Instant Jalebi

Chikne mujhpe phisal gaye
Haye kitno ke dum nikal gaye
Hai tauba kya hoga, jo hoga so hoga
Sab mujhse poochhte hain, tu kaun des se aayi (naam)
Naam jalebi bai (ahaa)
Jalebi bai (ahaa)
Jalebi bai, jalebi bai..

Aauuch.....  Confused!
Yes then let me make it clear, today's special sweet is mouth melting crispy juicy authentic sweet meat, Jalebi. Yes this sweet was responsible for that song lyrics in the beginning. This is my second attempt and yes, this time they were in perfect shape, crisp, juicy and yummy. The first time when I prepared, the batter was little more runny, hence couldn't get the perfect shapes, but voila.. this time they were awesome with regard to shape even. Jalebi goes well with Rabdi. Here I share the instant jalebi recipe.


Rabdi is a north Indian dessert which is usually served as an accompaniment for hot jalebis.
I love desserts because of my very big sweet tooth. Mr S and my cutie pie too love sweets and that way I keep trying out many desserts often. Rabdi is usually prepared in North India by reducing full cream milk. But I wanted to make instant rabdi for accompanying my jalebis today. So I tried out an easier way. Here I share with you all the rabdi recipe.

Fruit Chat

An evening snack I munched a day before was a fruit chat. Tangy, little spicy and the mild sweetness of the fruits within gave a heavenly feeling as I ate each individual pieces in it. I usually get tempted to eat fried items during tea time. But this fruit chat was so filling and tasty that no other thing could have taken its place. A fruit salad with ice-cream tends to add in calories so I found this to be an ideal way to eat fruits with added tanginess and spices. Here I share with you all the recipe of fruit chat.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Were those days better??

I sometimes ponder over the pace this world is developing in terms of technology. Kudos to the many great persons behind that. I still look back the days, my higher secondary school life when almost many had Digital Cameras with them. I even remember depending on old Reel Camera of Kodak Brand in my engineering life when many used to click n number of pics in Digital Cameras. Yes, those were the days I still cherish, those are the clicks I still feel can't be reached with my DigiCam even today.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hot n Sour Vegetable Soup

Had it been a cold day or warm, I just love to sip hot, sour, spicy soup anytime. Indeed it is a pleasure for everyone during cold winter days or when anyone is suffering from cold or so. Some days it so happen that I end up drinking vegetable soups for lunch even thereby I skip over my lunch. Well I somehow manage to get all proteins and carbohydrates and vitamins together with that soup. I here share with you all a hot and sour soup but full loaded with veggies to compensate the energy supplements.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Amruthaphala/Coconut Milk Fudge

As the name goes, 'Amrutha' is a Sanskrit word meaning a divine nectar that makes living beings immortal and 'phala' as all know means fruit in Sanskrit. This is a famous dessert in our sub caste 'Havyakas', which is made out of coconut milk as a main ingredient. It definitely is a patience tester I must tell. It takes a whole lot of time to turn into a fudge, but this drool worthy sweet is worth the effort. Every burfi or fudge do calls usually for milk and sugar. Added to them is coconut milk which is a major ingredient in this dessert. Heavenly delicious, sinfully wicked dessert I can say with minimum ingredients! I can bet one can't stop eating one if he is a person with big sweet tooth! Here I share this delicious amruthaphala dessert or coconut milk fudge recipe.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Vegetable Fried Rice

Chinese cuisines have been adapted so well in Indian delicacies that nowadays we see many Indo Chinese food items almost everywhere. Chinese food usually involve soya sauce, chilli sauce as a major component in cooking. Chinese food items are prepared by tossing food on a high heat in a wok. This is the major idea behind Chinese food.
Here I share with you the Vegetable fried rice which is a Indo Chinese delicacy which one can't resist from devouring.

Curd Rice

Who doesn't like curd rice? A wonderful filling meal it is as such. Any sumptuous feast if ended with a curd rice, it is soothing to tummy. In my childhood we were always used to eating boiled red rice or also known as rosematta rice. It is rich in nutrients and also contains fibre in it which is good for health. So we were never used to eating this curd rice as we tend to eat the red rice with curd which also was a heavenly experience and we were used to eating white rice only during functions or when mom cooks veg pulav, veg biryani etc. But having moved to Bangalore after my marriage and then here to Germany, I'm used to both white rice as well as boiled red rice. Curd rice is a South Indian rice item made from white rice. Easiest way to make delicious curd rice is as below.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kala Jamoon

Having tried Gulab jammon n number of times, this time something different I wanted to. And guess what? I tried Kala Jamoon for the first time and it was super yum. May be there are many ways but I fell in love with the way Vah Chef prepared Kala Jamoon. He explained the best way and that kept me focused only to his site for kala jamoon that I didn't even try seeing any other recipe on internet.
Here I share the recipe.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Spicy Tomato Lemon Rasam in 5 minutes

A delicious rasam is always welcome. A sumptuous lunch in a south Indian menu calls for rasam. They are made in variety of ways. My mom makes it in 3-4 ways. Here I share my way, aah mom's way I should say but little tweaked by me to give it a new taste. Here goes the recipe.

Pista Falooda

Falooda is a well known cold, sweet beverage which is usually consumed as drink or as dessert. Its origin longs back to Mughal Empire. It is originally made with rose flavoured milk but depending on choice it has been made with varied flavours like saffron flavoured or mango flavoured or even pista, chocolate and many others. I wished to try pista flavoured falooda as I'm not that fan of rose flavor and we as a family enjoyed it to the core with a dollop of vanilla icecream. Sounds yum? Lets see how I made this pista falooda.