Saturday, 27 December 2014

Jeegujje odina palya/ Breadfruit peel dry side dish

Few days back had some problem with laptop, even now not in a good condition it is and unable to use it. Hence blogging is further affected. Well, as I promised I decided to type the recipe of the jeegujje/breadfruit peel side today. This was something which I learnt after my marriage (almost all cooking I learnt is after marriage) , but have tasted rest few authentic dishes at my mother's place but this one was special for me as I had it for the first time at my husband's place. This recipe I learnt from my mother in law. Here I take you straight to the recipe.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Jeegujje melogara/Breadfruit majjigehuli/Breadfruit in yogurt and coconut gravy

Seeing breadfruit here in Indian shop was a surprise to Mr. S and he brought it home few days back, asked me to prepare yogurt and coconut based curry which is his favorite, he just loves all possible vegetables in this yogurt and coconut gravy. Last Sunday we all had an awesome lunch with jeegujje(local name we use in D.K in India) majjigehuli and rice for lunch. I knew almost all other items we can prepare out of this but to my surprise I learnt a recipe of side dish from the peels of this breadfruit which also accompanied our lunch platter. Stay tuned to get the recipe of that dry side dish that I learnt from my mother in law.Here is the recipe of breadfruit peel dry side dish
To know what breadfruit is and how it looks like check out the link: BREADFRUIT
Here I share the recipe.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Ayurvedic Indian Cooking Workshop during India Bremen Week in Germany on 27.11.2014

Having left this blog unattended, I wasn't feeling so good about it. But as believed, when one has real willingness, nothing can stop you from attaining that. My small blog has brought me an opportunity to be a part of Ayurvedic Indian Cooking Workshop conducted as a part of India- Bremen Week in Germany. I was given a chance to conduct a workshop for a group of around 12 people who registered for this workshop.
Though this was my first opportunity, I could deliver my best and was quite satisfied to get good feedback from each and everyone. Now I have enough confidence to take up any upcoming workshops related to vegetarian cooking.

I here share few pictures of the workshop.

This was the feedback by one of the participant named Simone I got through mail, in his own words

Hey Sangeetha,

I would like to say THANK YOU for the great cooking course last night. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family and I had a lot of fun cooking with you together. Of course I looked already on your blog J

If you offer new courses please let me know, I am really interested to get in touch with the Indian culture / kitchen.

Have a nice weekend and kind regards, Simone

Simone Biederbeck

Signing off till I am back again!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Green gram and potatoes gravy/ Chilkewali moong aur aloo ki sabji

Just I paused as I started scribbling here, just to have a look how I came till here, a flashback, went through each recipe, each post till date and I am bewildered to note that I came a long way through. 2 months back I lost all my pictures related to blog posts I had, got erased from the system as it crashed, Had I kept a back up, I would not have faced this. Saddest part was that I could get back all other pictures except for those that were stored in meant for my blog. With the hustle to get settled in a new house I just forgot what all I stored and had meant to be posted. It was painful as I had so many pictures and now with my job I find it more difficult to cope up with blogging. Dear blogger friends, these days I don't even get time to log in to my mailbox, hence no time to do blog hopping nor blogging, hope I will get back once for all like before. Unlike before you may not see many posts often, but I cannot leave blogging. I just cannot because this is where I found peace and life. And many thanks to my lovely readers out there. Though the pace of blogging for sure has reduced, no regrets do I have, as I can do this whenever I want, no deadlines like any other job. So today I am here after 2 months. A long gap indeed when I look back, as I see days when I used to have one post per day. Today I have a simple green gram and potatoes gravy that goes well with rotis/ parathas. It can be prepared easily with all ingredients that are readily available. It is a great combination with rice too. This is how I prepared.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Aloo puffs / Potato Puffs

A month passed by since I last updated, was quite busy with my German language classes and the preparations to take exams, finally yesterday was done with that and feeling quite relieved as though a big task is over. But it is yet to begin, as day after tomorrow is going to be the first day at office here in Germany. A lot of new responsibilities to be taken and dealt with from now on. Don't know how well I can manage both my career and this baby blog, but still with a hope that I will continue this blogging though the frequency may not be as before. I would love to thank all my blogger friends who were continuously pouring their lovely comments and making me feel I am still a part of this Blogging world, and not to forget the few who did ask me, when I went missing. Thanks again for all the concerns showed too. Glad to have such a lovely group of people in this Blogosphere. A snack that I used to love as a school going kid was puffs, I remember my schooling in Gujarat, I used to ride around 4-5 km to school  along with friends and on the way back we used to enjoy puffs once in a week or so. It was an awesome experience and till date I and my friend remember that. Even when I was working initially, I remember the days when we friends used to feel tired and nothing great was getting cooked in our kitchen, we just used to rush to a shop nearby just to eat the hot puffs out from the oven. I felt nostalgic when I prepared it first time at home. Just a flashback I had, of all those sweet memories, as they came out of oven. I had prepared puffs long back with puff pastry sheets that are readily available and felt it to be an easiest snack to go with tea in the evenings but never got a chance to share here. Now this is a very common snack that I love to prepare whenever I feel like. Here I share how I did them

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hurikadale Laddu /Fried Gram Laddu / Maa ladoo / Puttukadalai Ladoo / Buna Chana Ladoo

A long long time it has been since I last updated . These days I don't even bother to click a pic of anything that I cook in my pantry. Well, from past many days I did try few things and till date never got enough time to just transfer them to PC and sit with them for some time. Now you might be thinking finally I got time, no I took my precious time which is meant to sleep at night (P.S. I am writing this post at midnight 1 am today). I am stumbling every now and then as though I have lost a touch with blogging. I somehow wanted to update a post today. Three days back we Indians got a new hope, a new beginning under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi. We celebrated his mandate. This ladoo is to mark the second Indian Independence for Indians from the clutches of the 10 years of darkness. A simple easy recipe with no chances of going wrong. Here I share my quick recipe with all.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Ananas Sheera / Pineapple Kesari / Pineapple Sheera / Pinapple Rawa Kesari

Pineapple Sheera/Ananas Kesari used to be the dessert that used to be served in our community especially during functions. I still remember the days of my childhood when I used to decide whether to attend or not a function based on the menu that was up for the day there. It is usually common to have in many big functions like marriages or bramhopadesham a breakfast menu with idli sambar and pineapple kesari. I used to love this pineapple kesari so much that I would never miss a function that had ananas/pineapple kesari in menu. It is considered to be a rich sweet, with the involvement of saffron or kesari in it along with loads of sugar, ghee and the flavor of cardamom and chunks of pineapple fruit along with loads of ghee fried cashew nuts and raisins. So here I share how I prepared this pineapple sheera.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Halittu Payasa

A payasa/kheer/payasam made mainly in Dakshina Kannada in Havyaka families during special occasions is Halittu payasa. It is a favourite payasa at my place. At times I feel it matches alot to the ada payasam prepared in Kerala. But Ada is prepared by sun drying and later used in payasam where as here sun drying is not involved. I feel the Havyakas, most prominent in Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka and Northern Kerala prepare this payasa/payasam/kheer. It is made out of thick rice noodles that is added to thin syrup of jaggery and coconut milk and cooked and further thick coconut milk is added along with crushed cardamom. It is devoured after offering to God. Vishu is a festival that falls in the second week of April which marks the transit of Sun to the first Zodiac sign (i.e. Aries) and it is believed that farmers start their agricultural activities after Vishu. On the day of Vishu, it is believed that day has equal number of daylight hours and darkness. With no delay let us move to this specific halittu payasa recipe.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kaju Pista Roll/Cashewnuts Pistachios Fudge/Rolls

Shreeya has today celebrated her 3rd B'day. As usual I left to my class early morning and was sad that I was unable to wish her in the morning before leaving as she did not wake up by the time I left to school. As soon as I returned was surprised to see that both father and daughter had gone out without letting me know where they were going, quite unusual and later got to know that as it was her B'day they went out shopping, both selected and purchased dresses and what not. I was willing to join them but by then they were done with shopping. Suddenly Mr. S called back and told me if I wish I could go and join them both for a Pizza party at Pizza Hut. Why not? I just could not resist and reached the place they were. We had great fun eating Pizza, Garlic Bread with Cheese and so on.
After reaching home I was like I should prepare something for my cutie pie and decided to prepare a rich sweet with cashew nuts and pistachios which she loved. She was the happiest eating them, and not only she even Mr. S too was gulping one after another. Here I share the way I prepared them.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bele Obbattu/Puranpoli/Kadalebele Bellada Holige

Even after knowing that it was Yugadi yesterday, I deliberately decided to forget that it was a special day and had no plans of preparing anything special for the day, but it was Mr. S at around 4pm in the evening calling me up and reminding me to prepare a sweet as it was Yugadi, but I very well know it was not because Yugadi was around, but he wanted to eat some sweet and had not seen me taking any extra effort preparing something delicious for few days now. Having prepared holige with my own measures I was not sure how it would turn out, but to my surprise, my first attempt to bele holige turned out fabulous and Mr. S was in praises for me. I had earlier attempted kayi holige but it was not in huge amount, but this time I tried and attempted to prepare in good numbers.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Paneer Butter Masala/Paneer Makhani

Days passed by, neither I have time to attend my blog, after 6 full days I get to know I missed my very first blog anniversary! Phew, no wonder I am so busy with my life that I never get to see myself like I was before, spending full time in front of system either on Facebook or on Blogger seeing the feeds and going through the same. I feel extremely sorry for not being able to, but just cant cope up with everything. I do take blog on a lighter side and not as a compulsion, so it relaxes me and lets me take all my anxiety, fear and lot more things that cannot be expressed through words.
After many days of leaving my space unattended, today I got time to open my space, still did not go through the feed yet. It is overflowing. I remember it has been more than 2-3 weeks I have not touched this space. today I am up with a quick Paneer Butter Masala / Paneer Makhani recipe, a Punjabi delicacy from Northern India. I at times love to indulge myself with delicacies that are in terms of calories on a higher side. This definitely is a dish with loads and loads of calories calling you to work out an extra hour at Gym as it involves butter in generous amount along with Paneer. Last weekend we had this Paneer Makhani for our lunch with rotis. The dish was liked by all at home and I was happy every time one took an extra serving. With no delay let me take you to my recipe of Paneer Butter Masala or Paneer Makhani.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sago Payasam/Sabakki Payasa/Javvarisi Payasam/Sabudana Kheer

It had been almost 2 weeks that I didn't touch my blog, rather I couldn't. Recently got a ganglion removed from wrist of my right hand and was advised not to do any work that caused stress to my hand, well being not used to cooking, only with left hand, was away from kitchen for a while but still I don't think I would be as frequent as I used to be before. But I would make it sure that whenever I do blog I would definitely visit all my blogger friends. I was really missing being here for some time now. This was a payasam/kheer I did some 2 weeks back, but couldn't blog. Now that I can type using both my hands, I decided to sit with this for the day. Here I share Sago Payasam recipe

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pink Heart Cake

I decided to bake a cake in my oven, sad that I use it for baking a cake rarely. I thought it would be great if I bake a Heart shaped cake as Valentines Day, day meant to celebrate LOVE is around the corner! I don't feel that it is the only day to express love but somehow it has become a trend to express your love on this day to your beloved. Well, I was in an idea to bake a red velvet cake, but I din't get access to good color here. I was in a mood to bake and when I have decided none could stop me. I got a small heart shaped cake tin recently, just because there are no takers for cake at my house. Even I'm not a great fan but my kiddo loves it, she loved this cake alot. As the cake baked, she was running all around jumping in joy that she is going to eat a cake. I didn't do any frosting, rather went ahead with icing just to give a glaze using custard and a dollop of cream. Without much ado let me jump to the recipe.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Yet another Liebster Award!

January 2014 gave me 4 liebster awards. I'm on cloud Nine. Well this time it was from Ritu J Rose of Treat n Feast and another from Nalini Somayaji of Adige. Without much ado, I accept these awards. Thanks alot for nominating me.I needn't again explain what Liebster means, any blogger would be knowing that, if not my previous Liebster award post is here.

Here are the rules to receive this award:
  1. Present the award to at least 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  2. Include the award in your post
  3. Thank the blogger that awarded you on your blog and link them in your post
  4. Answer the questions asked by the blogger that nominated you
  5.  Create 10 question that you want to ask your nominees that will allow their readers to get to know them better :) 
  6. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.         

Here I share the answers for the questions put forward by Ritu J Rose.

Here are my answers to those Ten questions:

1. What is the most important thing you enjoy in blogging?
I enjoy writing my posts and visiting my fellow bloggers, each one is different and best in their own way!
2. How do you describe your blog name?
Eat n Eat little More was rather a random choice I would say that came into my mind when I had plans to build one. I believe in the fact that eating little but more often is best than eating loads only twice or thrice a day. Also I believe at times we must indulge in what we like. Hence the name. No idea as how the name given would be perceived.
3. If you are been given a choice to select a person who will cook for you for a day, whom will you choose       and why?
I would say, my Mr. S. He is the food critic here, that day atleast I would pull his legs. (P.S : he cooks for me at times and I love that)
4. You are allowed to live only on one food for a month, which one will you opt for?
I love pav bhaji, may be that would be sufficient.
5. What is that dish which you always want to try cooking but is scared to attempt?
Not having any such dishes in my mind right now.
6. What are the means of collecting recipes? What attracts you to choose a dish for experimenting?
I usually love to try my hands on desserts( I'm a sweet lover ). You may see that in my space.
7. Which recipe would you recommend your readers as a "must try" recipe from your blog?
Mangalore Buns/Kele ki poori tastes fabulous & divine.
8. What is your dream about your blog?
No big dreams, just a store house for my recipes, recipes pertaining to family tradition from mom and MIL and also recipes from friends and relatives.
9. Who motivated you to blog?
I used to just share pics initially in Facebook, soon some started asking me to write the recipes too, and very soon few came  with an opinion that why not I reveal them to public by means of a blog that may be of some help. I just didn't give a second thought and went ahead.
10.You have to chose a second name for your blog. How will you rename it and why?
No, no! No other name have I thought nor would like to change.

Coming to questions put forward by Nalini Somayaji
Here are the answers:
My queries to Nominees are
1.Why did you start blogging?
Just to have them in a place so that I could refer when in need and also to share the recipes I learn with my friends and co bloggers.
2. What kind of food do you like most?
Anything Vegetarian.
3. Which cuisine do you like the most?
4 Who is your best support?
Mr. S
5. What time of the day do you prefer to cook?
I love cooking during noon time and evenings more. Early morning cooking is always terrible.

Now here are my 5 nominees I chose:
Full Scoops:
Nandoos Kitchen:
Remya's Baking and Cooking:

 Nominees, here go the questions to be answered:
  1. Who or what is the strong reason and motivation behind the food blog you started?
  2. Which is that very common dish that you prepare at home and is blogged at your space?
  3. What you love most, cooking or baking?
  4. What is the dish that you are planning to prepare tonight?
  5. When you arrange parties, do you cook for the crowd or do you arrange a caterer for the same?
  6. What is the best compliment you ever received for any particular dish of yours?
  7. Which is the recipe that you consider is the best in my space here?
  8. What according to you is blogging, end of the day is it a hobby, a storehouse of recipes or a source of income, explain what you feel on these contexts?
  9. Do you love cooking complicated recipes with perfection or recipes that could be followed easily with perfection?
  10. When you go through different blogs, do you enjoy reading entire stuff or just the recipe?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Curried Cauliflower Soup

Had a big cauliflower in my pantry, was not sure of what to do after parathas, gobi 65 and so on, realized that why not I give a try to a soup out of this. Usually when I try something new, either I try as instructed in the recipe or with slight changes but never I change measurements. But this time as I had large portion left out I thought to give a try with my own ways, with my own varied ingredients including Indian spices too. Fairly speaking I had no idea how would it turn out nor I had any plans to blog about it. But it turned out extremely delicious. I din't want to miss sharing it with my readers. I would hence forth try again, not only me, my kid too enjoyed it lots. It was more creamy in nature though no cream went in the making. I believe cauliflower can act as a base in many gravy based curries instead of cashew based or cornflour based because of their creamy nature when cooked and blended. I should try some day. Here I share the recipe for the same.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Broken Wheat Payasam/Dalia Kheer/Godi Kadi Payasa

Yesterday was Ratha Sapthami, believed to be a day when Sun God is worshipped. It is of great significance for South Indians especially Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Broken wheat payasam/dalia kheer/ godi kadi payasa could be prepared as 'Naivedhyam', offering to Sun God. Here I share today the recipe for the same. I often prepare it but never got a chance to share with step by step pics, hence lately I did that and sharing my recipe with you all.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pineapple Zarda Pulao

It was in my drafts and doing a PEEK A BOO! Well it got a chance today to come out as this month's challenge in SYS-W was to use a hidden ingredient Pineapple for me. I found this post would be doing justice to the assigned task and here I share the zarda pulao recipe with all. I adapted this recipe from Vahchef. A very simple but a delicious meal it makes.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Badane Gojju/Spicy Brinjal Masala

Always I love to eat jowar roti/ sorghum bread with a curry out of brinjal. This time I had a new recipe in hand and hence decided to try that. Recipe I got from Nalini Somayaji was simply awesome. The speciality is that inspite of not using Onion and garlic in this masala, it turned out well. It is comparitively little spicy but worth it as the jowar roti tastes bland without any good spicy curry or chutney to accompany. Here I share the recipe of Badane Gojju/Spicy Brinjal Masala.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Jowar Roti/Jolada Rotti/Sorghum Flatbread

Jowar/Sorghum, a gluten free grain, is cultivated in warm climatic conditions and a flatbread out of this is in Northern Karnataka often known in local language as jolad rotti. It is often served with ennegai/chutneys/gojju/any sidedish involving pulses. It is considered to be farmer's food and is considered to be good for people who do lots of physical work.I first tasted it when I had been to Kamat hotel on our way to native from bangalore. Was introduced to this by my Mr.S. I fell in love to such an extent with this that I would never miss eating whenever we left to native. I had never thought of preparing it too. But some time back a very close friend of mine (from north Karnataka) who left from here permanently to India had left behind at my place a pack full of Jowar/Sorghum flour. And finally yesterday I prepared it the third time and I did not want to miss clicking step by step pics and writing up a recipe for my readers. So here goes the way I prepare Jowar rotti/Sorghum flatbread. I had prepared long back twice but now as the flour was an year and half old, was little apprehensive with the output but to my surprise, it came splendid and we enjoyed with Badane Gojju/ Spicy Brinjal Masala. I learnt the perfect recipe of badane gojju/spicy brinjal side dish from Nalini Somayaji who blogs at Adige. I will share in my tomorrow's post the Spicy Brinjal Masala is on post today.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gobi 65 Dry / Cauliflower 65 Dry

I had promised my better half something deep fried last Sunday and forgot to prepare, he reminded me yesterday. I felt bad for having not prepared something for him. Though he wouldn't mind, I could not stop myself from preparing something for him. (P.S. deep frying happens only twice a month to treat my family, not more than that unless it is for some parties or get together) I had a large cauliflower with me and planned for a royal treat, Gobi 65 dry, though I love the wet version too, his liking is dry. I hence decided to prepare Gobi 65/Cauliflower 65 dry version.
I must also not miss telling you all that hardly could I get to eat 2-3 and rest were in his tummy and he was doing a happy dance. It was real delicious, little on a spicier side. I couldn't hence manage clicking more pics. Somehow managed clicking in the middle of frying else I would have had to click his photo and told 'Please locate gobi 65 is in his tummy!'. So not bothering you all much let's move on to the recipe.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Radish Sambhar/Moolangi Sambhar

I had seen radish similar to the size of carrots, but here in Germany I get to see huge ones, very huge that we could make sambar around 3 times from one radish for a family of two that would last for two meals of the day. Recently my better half brought one such big radish and was wondering how would I finish them. Myself and hubby love radish/mullangi sambar. I hence tried preparing it according to our taste and finally a delicious sambar to accompany rice was ready. I was so happy and we enjoyed to the core that I got request to prepare the second time. I hence decided to share this recipe.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Beetroot Halwa/Beet Sweet Pudding

Beetroot(Rote Bete as known in German) is a veggie which I love for its color. I lately wanted to try beetroot halwa, which I had once prepared before my marriage. Me and my brother were at home and mom had gone out for some shopping. We decided to prepare carrot halwa/pudding before she comes, but we had no idea that carrots were not there in the pantry. We saw some beetroots lying, I decided to prepare a halwa out of it and tried the same way as I prepare carrot halwa, to my wonder, it turned out fantabulous and we enjoyed to the core. We had fun preparing it. This is my second attempt after that, never got a chance to prepare till date after that. My daughter enjoyed it lots.This was a treat for my Deutsch class friends the other day when we had a party to end our last day of the first level of the course. They all enjoyed it lots. Wiki says "Beetroot is an excellent source of folate and a good source of manganese, and contains betaines which may function to reduce the concentration of homocysteine, a homolog of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.The red colour compound betanin obtained from beetroot is often used in industries as red food colorant".

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chanadal Masala Vadai / Kadalebele Masala Vade/ Easy version of Chattambade/ Parippu vada

Chattambade or masala vade is something which I loved since childhood, being born and raised in Kerala, had got many a times chance to eat Parippu vada. My mom's sister, my chikkamma used to excel in the preparation of chattambade/parippu vada. I still remember having eaten many a times at her place and also during the train journey with friends to South Kerala to attend Entrance coaching. It was fun eating this vadai. I had many a times wished to try them out but with my mixer not in a good condition to grind dals with less or no water, I had to always leave my plans to prepare them. Recently a friend of mine, my neighbour here, suggested me to prepare them in a way which is much easier than the authentic method. I found it equally tasty and delicious and way too simple. Here goes the recipe of Chattambade or Parippu vada easified.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Eggless Churros/Mexican Fritters with Chocolate Sauce

It was the first time I heard Churros and was like 'What is that? Is that something edible?' and my google machine answered, they are the Mexican fritters, not sure about the origin though, Wikipedia says " It is often also known as spanish doughnut and that it's origin is unclear and it was brought to Europe by the Portuguese" but whatever it is I was exposed to this through SFC, heartful thanks for bringing this as a challenge and helping me learn a very new dessert unknown till date. It involves usage of eggs traditionally, but me being a person who abstain the usage of Eggs even, I decided to go for an eggless version and I went through lots of sites in Internet and finally decided my own measurements and prepared this Churros. It is often enjoyed with a dip of chocolate. Though not a great chocolate fan, I did prepare just to know how it tastes when eaten with sauce, but my verdict is it tastes much better without the sauce even. Here comes the simple recipe.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Til Ke laddu/ Ellina Unde

Makara Sankranti is marked with the preparation of Ellu Bella/ Til Gud meaning a mixture of sesame seeds and jaggery. The traditional sweet prepared on this eve is Til ke laddu/Ellina unde which is very easy and also it could be prepared with minimum ingredients. Scientifically, Til Gud meaning sesame and jaggery offer warmth during winter. On the day of Sankranti in India people prefer to eat these and in many states kite flying is common with entire family on the roof top whole day flying kites, eating Til ke laddu, Chikki, Sugarcane and so on. Though the weather doesn't let us fly kites here definitely we cannot miss eating Til ke laddu or Ellina Unde. As the challenge offered in SFC this month was Til ke laddu under Indian Sweet, I couldn't stop myself from trying my hands on them. Here goes the simple recipe.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Garlicky Cheesy Fusilli Pasta

I am an ardent admirer of Priya's Versatile Recipes.I have been going through almost all the recipes she post without any fail. I love the way she writes the recipes straight forward thereby reducing any sort of confusions in it and many of them are simple and easy to follow. I have seen quite a lot of recipes related to cooking and baking and I love when I get to see an eggless recipe. And you may find many more baking recipes without the use of eggs.I recently saw a khara sev recipe of hers where she added almonds to the it. Quite innovative isn't it? I'm sure they would enhance the flavor for sure. I was hooked at the recipe of hers. Do check out more such recipes at her space.
It had been quite a long time that I'm in Blogging world. It will be almost an year by next month. And my baby blog would turn 1. Needless to say it is existing today because of all my fellow bloggers, their constant support through the flowing comments and encouragement.
Coming to my post in her space it is today Garlicky Cheesy Fusilli Pasta. Do check out the recipe in her space.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Bell Pepper Masala/ Capsicum Masala

Capsicum is always loved for its flavor. Moreover it is very healthy too. I had tri colored paprika in my fridge and was wondering what to prepare. Had prepared it long back once, we loved it then. Now that we love it, it is often prepared too. I adapted this recipe from Swasthi's Recipes. Thanks for the wonderful recipe Swasthi. Me together with family and friends enjoyed this curry along with rotis. I adjusted according to our taste and brought in very little changes. This goes well with hot rice or rotis. The flavor of capsicum is marvellous. It adds a different flavor all over to this delicious gravy.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Here comes Liebster Award

2014 for sure has something good and great for me I believe. This January itself I got 2 Liebster awards, one from Magee's Kitchen and other from Shobha's Delight. Thanks a lot to both of you for nominating my space for this award. Never had any expectations and when you get something which was unexpected and great, your happiness has no bounds. So am I. Had been waiting to get myself free a day or two so that I could look back and spend time with this baby blog. Now that this award was something I loved to receive must be passed on too. I'm very much thrilled at the same time confused with not knowing whom to pass this award on. Liebster, a Deutsch word meaning the beloved. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Now that I'm back from a short vacation, just started to go through the blog left unattended for few days. Still I must say, no great cooking happening here, so off to my drafts and here comes a lovely chat. Simple and loved chat is Bhelpuri. This post was pending from long and got a chance today to share it. These holidays made me lazy I believe, the weather and climate too to be blamed for. Nowadays I don't feel like preparing anything good to be posted, just because the weather gets so dull and I get only a small duration when we get good daylight sun to photograph. This is a recipe that I prepared long back in Summer and here I share it during peak winter time, the pics are now tempting me to prepare Bhelpuri all over again.