Sunday, 18 February 2018

Masala Chai / Spiced Indian Milk Tea

However the life goes, whatever the hurdle is, the only thing that just makes me forget everything is this one thing which is very close to my heart, is this hot beverage with subtle flavor of various aromatic spices. I can say no to anything but not to Chai. Anyone can lure me with this drink 😉.
Thank God I get to drink even at my workplace Indian tea, thanks to the thermos being carried by me and my Indian colleague here. We just love tea.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Groundnut/Peanut Chutney

More than a year passed by, 2017 was a difficult one for me, with my DH moving to a different work location and managing the household with a growing school going daughter was not that easy. It so happened that in 6-7 months of time we decided that this could not continue long and to be home together I had to think of a new job and I made a move in August 2017, moved all the way in December 2017 to south of Germany, a new city, new life, new home, new work environment. Getting settled down slowly and my kitchen took its shape last month and I decided to start my blog all over again, hoping to keep this up for the years to come, to make sure that this blog is still alive!
Well, no long speeches to hold you on, today I tried something new in my kitchen.

Whenever we have dosas (Indian Crepes) at home, we make sure that there is a coconut chutney that accompanies it, but unfortunately I couldn't do that as I had not coconut at home😐. Crazy isn't it.