Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kaju Pista Roll/Cashewnuts Pistachios Fudge/Rolls

Shreeya has today celebrated her 3rd B'day. As usual I left to my class early morning and was sad that I was unable to wish her in the morning before leaving as she did not wake up by the time I left to school. As soon as I returned was surprised to see that both father and daughter had gone out without letting me know where they were going, quite unusual and later got to know that as it was her B'day they went out shopping, both selected and purchased dresses and what not. I was willing to join them but by then they were done with shopping. Suddenly Mr. S called back and told me if I wish I could go and join them both for a Pizza party at Pizza Hut. Why not? I just could not resist and reached the place they were. We had great fun eating Pizza, Garlic Bread with Cheese and so on.
After reaching home I was like I should prepare something for my cutie pie and decided to prepare a rich sweet with cashew nuts and pistachios which she loved. She was the happiest eating them, and not only she even Mr. S too was gulping one after another. Here I share the way I prepared them.

Makes 16 pieces of the above size.
For Outer layer:

Raw Cashew nuts/Kaju- 1 cup
Sugar-8 tbsp. or ½ cup
Milk-1-2 tsp.
Water-¼ cup

For Inner layer:

Roasted Pistachios-½ cup
Sugar-1 ½ tbsp.
Water-2 tbsp.
Green food color-as required

  1. Take the raw cashew nuts (by raw I meant not the roasted cashew nuts) in blender.
  2. Grind to form powder by using pulse mechanism, do not grind continuously as that way the cashew nuts will leave oil with the heat produced while blending. So grind for a second and stop for another 4-5 seconds and continue to do the same for couple of times till the cashew nuts are well ground.
  3. Sieve using a mesh kind of sieve.
  4. Get ready with the sieved cashew nuts powder.
  5. In a pan add water and sugar and cook.
  6. Cook until it comes to rolling boil and till you see single thread forming when a drop is placed between your thumb and index finger.
  7. Add in the sieved cashew nuts powder to it and stir in well with continuous mixing.
  8. Keep doing till it leaves the pan after 4-5 mins.
  9. To test the texture and to see if it is done take a small portion of the mixture and after cooling try to make a ball shape out of it, if you are able to then the cashew nuts mixture is right.
  10. Transfer it to another bowl or kneading area and let it cool a little so that it is easy to handle. Once cooled a little start to knead well, if the mixture tends to be dry add a tsp. or two of milk and continue kneading till you get a good dough.
  11. In a blender dry ground the roasted Pistachios pulsing as done for making cashew nuts powder.
  12. In a pan add again water and sugar and cook till you see the sugar solution boiling.
  13. Now add pistachios powder to it and continue to cook till it leaves the sides and forms a ball like dough.
  14. Add the green coloring and mix it to the pistachio dough well.
  15. Knead to form a smooth dough.
  16. Take a small ball of the cashew nuts' dough and roll it 
  17. Followed by form a roll (cigar shaped pistachio roll) i.e. the inner filling and place it as in the figure and roll starting from one end. Alternatively you could do the other way round too by rolling the entire cashew nuts dough once using roller and placing Pistachio filling in the form of roll inside cashew nut disc that is already being rolled out and roll again tightly covering the pistachio roll.
  18. Cut into pieces of desired thickness.
  19. Enjoy them.


  1. As it uses milk a little take care that they do not get spoiled (refrigeration preferred if keeping for more than 2 days, well it won't last too long for sure).
  2. You may reduce the sugar a little if you want

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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