Monday, 1 April 2013

Plain Palak/Spinach Curry

My family mainly my hubby is a big fan of Palak/Spinach. Even I enjoy the taste of spinach.Moreover it is a stock house of vitamins and minerals.
So Spinach curries are very common every two to three days.
I prepare a plain spinach curry with gravy base of cashewnut. It goes very well with phulkas, rotis or any Indian flat bread and even rice.
Here goes my simple recipe of Plain Palak Curry

Fresh Palak/Spinach- 250-300gms
Cashewnuts- 1/4 cup or handful
Onion-1 chopped fine
Green chillies-2 slit lengthwise
Ginger Garlic paste-1/2 tsp
Jeera/Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder/Haldi-1/4 tsp
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Water-2-3 cups or as required
Oil-1 tbsp
Whipping Cream-1/4 cup

In a big deep bottom pan add 2 cups of water and bring it to boil.
Add Palak/Spinach and blanch it for few mins say 2-3 mins.
Now drain the spinach and let it cool down.
Soak cashewnuts for 2-3 mins in warm water
Once cooled blend the spinach leaves along with the soaked cashews into fine paste and keep aside.
Now in a deep bottom pan add oil. Once hot add cumin seeds and ginger garlic paste.
Once they splatter and the rawness of the ginger garlic paste is gone, add green chillies and onion and saute till onions are translucent.
Now add turmeric powder and coriander powder. Saute well and let it cook for few mins.
Now add the Spinach puree you prepared and mix well.
Let it cook for another 5 mins well and take it off the stove. Add whipping cream to it and use little cream to garnish as well.
Enjoy this gravy hot with any flat bread or rice.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)


  1. Sangeetha . it is so tempting..the color is gr8 and palak a very healthy leafy veg..One of my favorites..I think the combination with Aloo / Paneer is more popular. But the plain is more healthier ..

    1. Thank you. Yes More popular is the combi with Paneer or Aloo, but as such Plain too tastes great. So thought to share the recipe I follow usually in kitchen.. :)