Sunday, 21 April 2013

Vegetable Quesadilla

A lunch outside in a restaurent makes you feel heavy always. Today our day was full on shopping and ended up eating heavy lunch outside. Willingness for having a dinner wasn't there but sleeping empty stomach doesn't make sense. So, my brain started to do all sorts of permutation and combination to arrive at a conclusion as what to prepare for dinner and voila the bulb glowed!
I came up with an idea of preparing Vegetable quesadilla.An ideal dinner for both grown ups and kids.
Basically a mexican origin dish, Quesa meaning cheese and quesadilla is infact a flour tortilla filled with cheese and toasted.
But now many versions of quesadillas are available. Here I bring for you all a veggie loaded Quesadilla.
Follow my simple recipe of vegetable quesadilla.

Flour tortillas-2
Guacamole/Avacado Sauce- 1/2 cup
Capsicum/Bell pepper-1 cup
Spring onion-1/2 cup chopped
Assorted veggies (red kidney beans, diced baby corn, beans, sweet corn, chopped carrots)- 1 1/2 cup
Green chillies-2 chopped
Black pepper powder-1 tsp
Garlic powder-1 tsp
Chilly sauce-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil- 1 tbsp
Melted Butter-2 tsp
Grated cheese (cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese)-1 cup
Parboil the assorted veggies,drain them and keep aside.
In a deep bottom pan, add oil and when hot add spring onions and saute.
Add the parboiled vegetables to it, green chillies, saute.
Then add black pepper powder to it and mix well.
Next add garlic powder and saute.
Next add chilli sauce.
Next add salt.
Final mixture looks like this.

On a skillet add 1tsp butter, place a flour tortilla and cook for few mins on high.

Flip to other side and cook for few mins on high and then lower the flame to low.
Now add the vegetable filling prepared on one side of the tortilla.
Next add the guacamole over it.
Then add cheese.
Now fold and let it cook till cheese melts on a low flame.
Once cheese melts take away the quesadillas off to a plate.Cut them to handy pieces and serve as it is or with ketchup.
Note:Any selected vegetables of your choice could be used.
         Guacamole can be skipped if not available. Click here for guacamole recipe.
         Instead of chilly sauce any salsa sauce could also be used.
Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)
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