Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kaju katli/Cashew fudge

Wont you all love a sweet which just melts in mouth, yes, kaju katli is the one I am talking about.
Cashewnuts are being loved by many.As such they are very tasty.
Kaju katli, a most famous diwali sweet, a must in the list of items prepared for Diwali. I just need no reason, any time I could prepare them and eat. Mr. S helped out in cutting into perfect shapes. :)

Come join hands together in the making of Kaju Katli or Cashew Fudge :)

Makes 30 proper diamonds, another irregular shaped 4-5 u get as you cut them


Kaju(Cashews)- 1 cup around 200gms
Sugar- 5tbsp./around ½ cup
Ghee- to grease in order to roll the dough
Water-¼ cup


  1. Coarse dry grind cashews.Just pulse them in one go.
  2. In a pan add water and sugar. Cook till it attains single string consistency
  3. Add the ground cashews to it.
  4. Mix well. Continue cooking.
  5. Continue till it forms a lump.
  6. Check the consistency of the cashewnut mixture by taking a small portion and try to form a small ball out of it. If you are able to, then the cashew mixture is ready to be kneaded.
  7. Place it to a flat area and knead when warm enough to handle.
  8. Grease the bottom of a plate or any flat area where you can roll out the cashew dough.
  9. Roll it out to a uniform layer of desired thickness.
  10. Cut them into diamond shapes, usual shapes of kaju katli.
  11. Pack them and enjoy as and when desired.

This was the pic when I first tried it out :)

  1. Do not grind the cashews too long, that way they will start oozing oil.
  2. You can reduce or increase the sugar depending on your taste. But the above measurement gives the right taste
  3. If the dough while kneading seems dry, add few drops of milk, mine was just right and hence did not use milk.Store in refrigerator after 2 days in case you have used milk. If not they would stay well outside too.
Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

Sending this to Nivedhanam's Authentic Indian Sweets w Giveaway for my First Blog Birthday

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