Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ragi Idlis/Finger Millet Savoury Cake

Finger Millet, also known as Ragi, is cultivated in drier parts of the world - mainly in Asia and Africa. Ragi has a distinct taste and is widely used in Southern Indian and Ethiopian dishes. Ragi is a rich source of Calcium, Iron, Protein, Fiber and other minerals. The cereal has low fat content and contains mainly unsaturated fat. It is easy to digest and does not contain gluten; people who are sensitive to gluten can easily consume Fnger Millet. Ragi is considered one of the most nutritious cereals. So why not include it in our meals, especially a breakfast involving Ragi/finger millet would be the best breakfast for the day!
Idlis/Savoury cakes are available in many varieties. I have my own variation and presenting before you Ragi Idli/Finger Millet Savoury Cake.


Ragi flour/Finger millet flour-2 cups
Udad dal/Split deskinned black gram-3/4th cup
fenugreek seeds/methi seeds-1 tsp
Water (as required)
Onion-1 chopped fine
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Green chillies -3-4 finely chopped
Baking soda-1/4 tsp
Salt-1 tsp or as per taste


Soak udad dal and methi seeds in water for 4-5 hours.
Grind with very little or just enough water to fine and fluffy paste and transfer it to a bowl in which the batter is to be kept for fermentation.
Mix ragi flour to it along with enough water to prepare batter with consistency similar to other idli batter.
Let it ferment overnight (around 10-12 hours)
Now to the batter add finely chopped onions, cumin seeds, finely chopped green chillies, salt and mix well.
Now add baking soda to the mixture and mix well.
Steam the batter in idli moulds and the Ragi Idli/Finger Millet Savoury Cake is ready to serve hot with any sambhar or chutney of your choice.
Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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