Saturday, 27 April 2013

Home made Ghee/Clarified Butter

When in India it was my task just to remind my mother in law that the home made ghee is over and she used to prepare and keep pure home made ghee.
But after coming to Germany here after around 2 months when my home made ghee which I had brought along with me was over,  I was worried as what to do for home made ghee. Tried out knowing about ghee which we get here in Indian shops. Alas, none recommended.
Hence decided to prepare from the whole milk which we get here.Used to get full cream milk and check if I could prepare butter and hence ghee.But again unsuccessful.
This was a shock for me because our cuisine isn't complete without using ghee in our menu either directly over rice or in some sweets.
Hence my exploration continued and hurray finally got an idea as why not try out with the unsalted butter which we get here. Butter is an important bread spread in European countries. So getting different fat % unsalted butter wasn't a big deal. To give a check as if I can prepare ghee from it I got one 250gm butter pack with 82% fat.
Yes I tried and result really brought a long lasting smile in my face.
Yes I could prepare similar ghee which had very good smell and taste, same as my MIL prepares.
So here I have recipe of my way of preparing ghee.

Unsalted butter-250gm

  1. In a deep bottom pan add butter and melt it over medium flame.
  3. Then once it melts you will observe white solid particles coming up and floating on the surface.
  5. Keep stirring. At one stage the solid particles will get more dense and start to settle down.
  6. Then you will observe white foam on top of the surface..Keep stirring the mixture.
  7. At one stage it rises above indicating that ghee is ready.
  8. At that time quickly remove it off the stove and within few minutes the top surface will become transparent and you will be able to see the bottom of the vessal easily through the ghee prepared.
  9. The heat in ghee will turn the spoon kept in it to attain light brown stains indicating ghee is perfectly done.Strain once the ghee cools a little.Dense solid particleswill be left back in strainer. Store in an air tight container. It can be stored for 2 months without refrigeration even.

Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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