Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Semige Rasayana/Ottu Shavige with Rasayana/Home made Rice Noodles

Having stayed for a short vacation in India, I couldn't get enough time to satisfy my cravings for authentic homemade dishes. Had got chance to eat almost all items once though. Last one year I could never try this particular dish as I didn't have a chakli maker.
But this time I'm back from India with a chakli maker to satisfy mine as well as my better half's cravings. Authentic ottu shavige calls for soaking rice and then grinding it to a thin batter of buttermilk consistency and then cooking on a small flame till it turns to a dough like mass.
But lazy me always try out the easy ways yet I like to have the same authentic taste in it.
I tried it out from rice flour this time and WOW was the feeling.
No need to feel bad for being outside India. I could reach the taste of authentic shavige almost. Here I share with you all the recipe to prepare ottu shavige.

Ingredients for ottu shavige:
Rice flour- 3 cups
Water-4 cups
Salt to taste
1 tsp oil

Ingredients for mango rasayana:
Mango finely chopped-1 cup
Coconut milk/Normal cow milk-2 cups
Jaggery-2-3 2''cubes(Adjust according to your taste)
Sugar-2-3 tsp(Adjust according to your taste)
Cardamom/Elachi-1 pod crushed.

Recipe for ottu shavige:
In a kadai/nonstick deep bottom pan add water and oil and bring it to boil.
To that add salt accordingly adjusting to your taste.
Now to the boiled water add rice flour slowly without any mixing.
Once fully added do not mix for a while and allow it to cook.
After some time say 4-5 mins when entire flour gets covered, using a wooden spatula or spoon just mix vigorously to get a dough out of it.
Take it off the stove and make tennis ball sized ball out of the dough and place it in a steamer and steam those balls for around 15 minutes.
Once done before they cool off place the ball in chakli maker with fine holes and rotate with slight movements to get shavige out of it as in pic below.
Shavige is ready to go with rasayana.

Recipe for mango rasayana:
In a bowl scrape out jaggery cubes and add coconut/normal milk and let the jaggery melt.
Add sugar and mix well.
Add mango and cardamom to it and slightly mix it and let it stand for a while so that the flavours get absorbed.

You could use instant mixes and follow instructions as in the pack to prepare ottu shavige.
You could use a pressure cooker if you don't have a steamer but do not put whistle on top and let it cook the same way for 15 mins.
While making tennis balls out of the hot dough be careful not to burn hands, to ensure that keep a small bowl of cold water with you and dip your hand each time before you make a ball out of it and place in steamer., careful as not to add any extra cold water to the dough.
You could use the authentic shavige making machine if you have, but I could very well manage with chakli maker.
You can make any fruit rasayana, say banana or chickoo or mango or mix any desired fruits depending on the seasonal availability.

 Enjoy the dish! n don't forget Eat and Eat little MORE.. :)

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